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Californian Wine Bar?

Can anyone recommend me a good wine bar in Los Angeles Area? I just moved from NYC and was quite disappointed with the fruity flavorless Californian wines I had in many restaurants in LA so far, but I am so close to the wine region of the new world. There's got to be good wines out here! To begin my search, I was hoping to try the local wine bars. Any recommendation would be appreciated, if they serve good bar food, better.

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  1. A.O.C. on Third Street.
    The Nose on Colorado in Pasadena.

    1. Friday or Sunday tastings and Cheese at Colorado Wine Co in Eagle Rock!

      1. I would add, in no particular order: Lou, Bottlerock, Bin 8945

          1. For a real wine bar, not a restaurant masquerading as a wine bar, try the Gourmet cheese and wine bar in the South Bay Galleria on Hawthorne blvd and Artesia in Redondo beach.
            40 wines by the glass beautiful ambiance, and flights of wine, plus pub grub. 310-214-2122.

            1. Head to Silverlake Wine - they have tastings about 3 nights a week. You can get on their email list and receive announcements of the types of wine they are pouring. The vibe is low key, and there's always something new and interesting. Even though it's a wine shop, and not a bar, it's a good resource.

              1. Check out the Wine House on Cotner - another great wine resource - upstairs they have a wine bar/restro:




                1. There is also Mission Wines in South Pasadena, they have tasings almost every Sunday afternoon. Price of tasting is applied to any purchase.

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                    I'm something of a "regular" at Mission wines. I love it. Saturday is the day they do 5 wines for $10. With the purchase of any wine, the tasting comes to $5. They have a great wine selection. I love everything in the shop. They have a great $10 wall. All good wines. The people there are all down to earth.

                  2. Vendome Liquors in Studio City on Ventura has fine wine tastings on Thurs - Fri - Sat. It's usually $15, sometimes $20 for 7 different wines. Highly recommended.

                    1. Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena. Silverlake wine has tastings on 1-2 nights pw. Call & find out when.

                      1. Thanks,
                        I would definitely give it all a try! Since I am in Santa Monica, I'll start from the west side,

                        1. You've gotten a lot of great suggestions here, and I don't know that much about the LA wine scene, but I'm curious as to whether you could explain more about what you mean by "fruity flavorless Californian wines". What have you been trying?

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                              Rustic Canyon has about 20 or so wines by the glass by the way and is in Santa Monica...I agree that upstairs at the Wine House is a good place to go.