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Feb 17, 2007 08:42 PM

Vegas Sushi/Great seafood. Break the bank?

I am heading to Vegas next weekend with my wife for a much needed break from the kids. We want a really good sushi/seafood meal (and I'll pay up to $100/head). I am currently booked at Nobu, but getting cold feet. Steer this Portlander right, o chowhounds!

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  1. I didn't think much of the sushi at Nobu. Far better is Okada (at Wynn). It's a full service restaurant, and includes an excellent sushi bar. There's a wide variety of top quality fish, the chefs are personable, and the atmosphere is great. For $100/head, you can eat very well. For more details, see my review at .

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      Thanks Larry... that looks great and is an extensive review. Better at the sushi bar or a table?

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        For sushi, I have a strong preference for the sushi bar. This allows me to order one item at a time. I also really like the sushi chefs at Okada. After I've ordered a couple of items (to show them the kind of stuff I like), I'll ask for recommendations. It's a lot of fun.

        If you're looking for more balance in your meal, the tables are certainly nice, and many of the tables have a great view of Wynn's mountain and water features. Other than sushi, I really enjoyed robatayaki (charcoal grilled items); the baby lamb chop is excellent, and someone else said the spare ribs are equally good.

    2. I am not a sushi expert by any means, but I have been to Sushi Roku twice and thought it was great both times. It's in the newer section of Caesars Forum Shoppes.

      The last time I was there I was sitting by a local couple at the sushi bar, and they did say that they thought Nobu was the best, but that it was very,very expensive.

      1. I've been to Okada twice, but we've never sat at the sushi bar...

        Both times we have been very satisfied & happy.

        We had a chef's choice sashimi on one visit & that was excellent.

        Also the tuna cones were tasty, but I'd personally stick with the basics.