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Feb 17, 2007 08:31 PM

help please!! chicken CARTILAGE..aka NANKOTSU

I've posted before and tried all the recommendations... I'm looking for chicken cartilage to use for home cooking but can't find it anywhere! Someone said mitsuwa or marukai, and I called both even asked if I can special order them but said no, someone else said 99 ranch and I've looked there but nothing like it. I EVEN called farmer's market on 3rd st. at both their poultry counters and they just sounded really confused and answred no. am I just never going to get these or do I still have hope? oh and I also asked a friend who works for Nishimoto Trading Co. and they said they don't get that in.. SEE? I.AM.DESPERATE!! Whoever finds these lil delicious crunchy yumyum's for me to cook at home, I will be so thankful..Thanks for all your help!

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  1. have you tried the live poulry places in Chinatown? Don't go tomorrow because of the parade.

    1. My Japanese friend said that she's never seen cartilage sold on it's own.

      When she gets together with her friends, they buy the whole chicken and cut it up themselves and put it on skewers for a full blown yakitori and beer party.

      1. stop whining and buy a whole chicken. they are $6. they have cartilage. you are not a victim of ethnic-culinary cleansing.

        1. the added benefit, i hear, is that this cartilage is the purest form of glucosamine, which many take in capsule form for joints

          1. ask the butcher at your local health food store (WF or Wild Oats, etc.) to put them aside for you when s/he's cutting up whole range free/organic chickens for the display case.