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Feb 17, 2007 05:54 PM

ANY 24 hour diners in nothern Westchester?

besides the Westchester Diner in Peekskill/Cortland Manor, aka the worst diner in Westchester?

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  1. Is the BYpass diner in Buchanon/Cortlandt/Verplanck area still around? Rt 9 or 9A maybe?

    1. Not sure if it qualifies as far north as you're looking for, but The Thornwood Coach Diner in Thornwood is open 24 hours.

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      1. re: lizrdkng67

        Thanks! I think I randomly went there once and totally forgot about it! Good looking out!

        1. re: sweet_buttah

          Anytime! Thornwood Coach is one of my favorites. Great spinach pie & hot open sandwiches!

      2. The Westchester Diner was formerly the Bypass.

        I think the New City Diner on Rt. 202 in Yorktown (formerly Pano's/Crompond Diner) is 24 hours.

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        1. re: mikezenspace

          Totally forgot about that!!! Thank you!!!!!

        2. Thanks for the update mike. It's been a looooong time since I was in the area.

          1. In Cortland manor/Peekskill, There is the New City Diner on Rt 202. They are next to a big Chevy dealer and between Grandma's Pies and Hudson valley Hospital. They are 24 hr and the food is really good!