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ANY 24 hour diners in nothern Westchester?

besides the Westchester Diner in Peekskill/Cortland Manor, aka the worst diner in Westchester?

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  1. Is the BYpass diner in Buchanon/Cortlandt/Verplanck area still around? Rt 9 or 9A maybe?

    1. Not sure if it qualifies as far north as you're looking for, but The Thornwood Coach Diner in Thornwood is open 24 hours.

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        Thanks! I think I randomly went there once and totally forgot about it! Good looking out!

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          Anytime! Thornwood Coach is one of my favorites. Great spinach pie & hot open sandwiches!

      2. The Westchester Diner was formerly the Bypass.

        I think the New City Diner on Rt. 202 in Yorktown (formerly Pano's/Crompond Diner) is 24 hours.

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          Totally forgot about that!!! Thank you!!!!!

        2. Thanks for the update mike. It's been a looooong time since I was in the area.

          1. In Cortland manor/Peekskill, There is the New City Diner on Rt 202. They are next to a big Chevy dealer and between Grandma's Pies and Hudson valley Hospital. They are 24 hr and the food is really good!

            1. oops didn't see someone already recomended new city.. Just woke up LOL

              1. what area exatly are you looking for - I know you said Northern but how far up?

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                  Well, I live in Croton, so around there.
                  I just miss having a place I could go to at all hours of the night, like I used to in Orange County (at the Stewart Airport Diner). If there was a spot I could always pop into and just chill out, kind of like Cheers but with corned beef hash and unlimited coffee refills.