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Pancakes in Orlando

ISO of a good stack of "cakes" in the Metro Orlando area.

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  1. I seem to remember Perkins have pretty decent pancakes.

    1. First watch has good pancakes.

      1. The best are north of Orlando at the Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park. They are amazing, and you cook them on the table yourself.

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          Kudos to this!! I love going to the "make your own pancakes place"!! They are yummy and you can add anything you want (my fav is banana). Very unique place, and you can go for a hike or a swim after!
          Also, is anyone else bummed that the Breakfast Club no longer has late night hours?

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              It's located in an old Sugar Mill in Deleon Springs. Literally there are griddles in the middle of each table! They bring out pitchers of batter (plain and buckwheat) and you can order any "toppings" that you can cook into the pancakes. If you want eggs with your breakfast, they bring you an egg and you cook it yourself. Granted I'm a cook and I could do this at home, but the novelty of it really draws me in.
              There is also a spring for swimming and hiking trails...(it's located in a Deleon Springs National Park). The only drawback is that it gets super busy and hot during the summer months.

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                I meant, tell me more about the change(s) at the Breakfast Club . . .


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                  Ha, oops. They are no longer re-opening at midnight for all the late night crowds...

        2. Just north of Apopka on 441 is a little place called the Plymouth Woodshed. They serve some of the best blueberry pancakes I've ever eaten.

          1. Is Orlando such a culinary wasteland for Breakfast that we have these limited options for a good stack of Pancakes? Please tell me NO!!!!!!!!!

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              No it's not.If anything I think the traditional Southern breakfast is alive and well in Central Florida. Areas with no "fine dining" options, still produce real local places where people stop by everyday for breakfast and lunch. But you wanted a recommendation - I am fortunate in that I have a good place close to where I live and I told you about it.
              What more do you want?

            2. Eimac, not trying to be difficult, in fact very appreciative, just figured that Orlando would offer more than the one option unless I want to go the Denny's/Perkins/Waffle House route. First watch has never been a desired place IMO and I don't particularly want to go cook my own so that is why I inquired about others. Believe me I will certainly give "the woodshed" a try as it sounds like my kind of place. Thanks again!

              1. maybe college park cafe or christo's cafe in college park?

                central city market in thornton park serves breakfast.

                not sure if this place is still around, but "the breakfast club" on pine st.

                1. I really like the pancakes at the Briar Patch on Park avenue. The service is hit or miss but the food has always been excellent when I have gone.

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                    wow, briar patch is #3 on this list of best pancakes in the US


                    although the readers reviews on that list weren't great.....

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                      I have eaten at Flying Biscuit....now a chain use to be pretty good, Camiles, use to be better not so great now, Briar Patch...OVERRATED, Dotties in SF was outstanding IMO though

                  2. I heard the retaurant in the Peobody Hotel has excellent pancakes and late night breakfast!

                    1. Breakfast Club is still around and still serving pancakes. I guess I don't know what qualifies a good stack of pancakes. Hell, I just want someplace to make fried chicken and waffles.

                      Restaurant at the Peabody is called B-Line Diner.


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                        I liked the Breakfast Club, actually enjoyed all their food. What I am lookig for is a good yeast risen light and fluffy stack, similar to what Marion Cunningham (of Fannie Farmer fame) makes in her "Breakfast Book". Her overnight pancake batter makes an outstanding pancake IMO. I also used to like the "Original Pancake House" when it was here in Orlando (I know I am dating myself), sadly the closest is in Jax or So. Fla. They use a sourdough yeast I believe.

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                          There is a BBQ/Soul Food restaurant on Fletcher in Tampa that serves a good fried chicken and waffles. The chicken has some spice to it and was fried hard without my asking. There is also a place in Ybor city that specializes in this dish but I have never been able to catch them when they are open. If you are going to be coming out this way, I will get the address.

                        2. Where was the Original Pancake House? I remember a place at the corner of Fairbanks and 17-92 that did wonderful breakfasts -- and I think that was its name. There's a Chipotle's there now.

                          Also a place in Sanford, I want to call it the Clock, with similar food.
                          Great fried chicken.

                          We're talking early 1970s here.


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                            Best I remember is that it was where the First Watch in Altamonte is now. I was much younger then so my mind maybe shorting me. The Clock restaurants I remember were from South Florida in the Late 70's, a chain I believe.I visited the on in Boca and also Palm Beach. Only had breakfast there and usually was quite inebriated (I was in college) and usually very late at night, but as I remember it wasn't to bad. Not sure if they are still around. I did eat at the Original Pancake House in Vegas about 4 years ago. As good as I remember.

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                              Actually, The Clock is still alive and well on hwy 50 in Clermont. I don't think that is the place Bob was talking about in sanford. I think he is talking The Colonial Room on 1st street. I have heard about their fried chicken

                          2. Buttermilks in Maitland off 17/92, just north of the maitland blvd. exchange. Great southern food all day, nice breakfast with killer pancakes!
                            FirstWatch, any location. If they have the puffed apple pancake as a special, order it. I like blueberry with granola, amazing!
                            Shakers in College Park
                            College Park cafe at Edgewater and Princeton


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                              I'd forgotten about Buttermilk's, in fact I wasn't even sure they were open.
                              Breakfast is vvery good there and very reasonable.