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Feb 17, 2007 04:36 PM

winterlicious review - a) flow b) vertical

Once again...I decided to participate in winterlicious 2007.
And once again...we were completely happy.

a) Flow restaurant and Lounge:
On a Wednesday nite, with temperatures around minus 20...the place was PACKED.
So this is defintely a sign that winterlicious is working!!!
We were greeted by a lovely hostess and then taken to our table.
I think I counted 5 servers in for bread, one for drinks, one for the meal,
one to clean up, and yet another server who offered us complimentary cassis!!
We were impressed...

As for the food: all three of us ( girls nite out..LOL), had the same thing and none
of us were complaining.
We had the scallops for our appetizer, the shrimp for the main course, and some
type of plaintain dessert.
The food was executed to perfection and tasty, tasty, tasty.

b) Vertical..
We went for the lunch menu...and once again, everything went smoothly.
The service was attentive...and the restaurant was also busy.

As for the food: my friend had the sweet potato gnochi and it was delcious.
I chose a fish dish..and it was lovely. For the appetizer I had a huge barely
seared scallop and for dessert...passion fruit sherbet.
Once again....everything was fantastic. conclusion: Thumbs up to both restaurants.

Looking forward to Summerlicious already..LOL

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