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Bread Pudding in Seattle

Who's got the best bread pudding in town? I seem to remember having a butterscotch bread pudding somewhere that was fantastic, but can't recall where it was. Any ideas?

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  1. Great question. My folks owned a mom and pop diner some years back. They used to make an apple spiced bread pudding, which actually jiggled like a pudding, warm and custardy, it melted on the tongue. Most of the bread pudding I've had around Seattle has been firmer and dryer, if not spongy, and the best part is often a whisky sauce. So, for those answering this question, can you tell me a place that has a more custardy version?

    1. Try the amaretto bread pudding at the Boat Street Cafe.

      1. Try the Southern Kitchen in Tacoma. Everything there is great including the Bread Pudding. Enjoy!

        1. SEA: I offer these without recommendation, as I do not really speak the language of bread pudding, but I have enjoyed it at Bizarro and seeen it on the menu at Jones BBQ.

            1. The Santa Fe Cafe used to have a great bread pudding. Haven't been there in a while, though.

              1. This one is savory, not sweet, but the chorizo bread pudding at Eva (comes with the rabbit) is amazing! I would eat that with a side salad for dinner.

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                  Agreed - the Eva savory bread pudding rocks!

                2. I second the bread pudding at Boat Street. It's exceptional.

                  I also remember a rather good savory pudding at Crave, though I can't remember exactly what was in it. (Served with the duck, perhaps?)

                  1. This may not be of help but...the BEST bread pudding I've EVER had in the area is on Bainbridge Island at the Harbour Public House! Its warm and custardy, with a little orange and golden raisins, and bourbon sauce that makes you wonder why they don't just serve it in a cocktail glass!?

                    I can't stand these dense lumps that dare to call themselves "puddings".

                    That's my vote.

                    1. I happen to be partial to the Ram sports bar in u-village. Its basically a loaf of bread pudding (bring friends) but man is it good!

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                        I was hesitant to list the ram- until I saw this post- I second the Ram recomendation- a friend and I go once a year to treat ourself- it comes out warm on a sizzling platter with a sauce and ice cream if desired. There is a lot of it but it is really worth trying- the flavor is cinnamon based and on the sweet side.

                      2. Not in "Seattle" but if you want to venture to the Eastside, the Tap House has an excellent sour dough bread pudding and it's big enough to feed an Army. I also enjoy the bread pudding from Tulio's.

                        1. Dinette and Matt's in the Market both have exceptional bread pudding - I'd rate them a tie for first place locally. Marjorie's is pretty good as well.

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                            Whatever Dinette decides to do it's f***ing spectactular. Thanks Chef Melissa for being born...you're a Godess!

                          2. THE best Bread pudding I have had, not IN Seattle but a bit south in Southcenter was at Bahama Breeze. They don't always have it, so beware. But if you see Pina Colada bread pudding on the menu, order it! YUM!!! Does not have big chunks of dry coconut or pineapple like you might be thinking. It has the most delicious creamy sauce, I want to drink it from a cup! Try it, oh yeah, and if you go for dinner, try the Chicken Santiago with the Yucca Root, very delicious!

                            1. The bread pudding at Boat Street is delish... It is comforting, amaretto, sweet, yumminess. Definitely something that needs to be shared as it is very sweet and rich to eat by yourself. My boyfriend and I had it after his birthday brunch, while sipping mimosas... it felt very indulgent!

                              1. The puddin' at Jones BBQ is totally legit, with a toffee sauce that puts you in a transcendant sugar coma. Really good texture, too; it's some of the best I've ever had.

                                1. Travelhound. I had some of the best I've had in a long time last weekend at Sweet and Savory in the Mt Baker neighborhood in Seattle (on top of the I-90 "Mt Baker" tunnel).
                                  They only have it on weekends I think. The owner there even gives Besalu a run for the money on croissants. Happy hunting!

                                  1. The best bread pudding I have had in Seattle was at Dilettante Chocolates on Capitol Hill. It's less custardly, though, and highly saturated with sweet, cinammony cream. I haven't had better, but I also haven't had the Boat Street version, about which everyone raves. Another upside of Dilettante is that if you're with people who want some other type of dessert, Dilettante can do them up with other amazing delectables.