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Tio's (non)Tortas

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has anyone eaten the non-sandwich items at Tio's? I have yet to try them, but I'm thinking about the Nardo's Nightmare, Elotes con Vaso or the Arroz con Pavo. Are they good?

I've eaten the cookies - they're quite tasty, but I always want a cup of coffee with my cookies and I'm usually too full after the sandwich and fries.

btw - the new sandwich is good. Tastes fajitay.

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  1. I've only tried the "sandwiches" over rice -- pretty darn good.

    1. well, it turns out that phrasing my question made me hungry - I went and tried the Arroz con Pavo, and it was also pretty darn good. Not quite the same as I'd imagine the Pavo sandwich on rice to be - they sauteed the turkey together with some red sauce or salsa before adding it to the rice. It will definitely become part of my rotation.

      1. I've had the Pollo (breaded chicken breast) as a salad. It was quite good. I thought it was a bit unusual they don't offer a grilled chicken torta. Guess that's not a traditional method used.

        1. the most recent addition to their menu is a grilled chicken sandwich - it has grilled onions and peppers and cheese, and approximates a fajita pretty nicely.

          1. Tried the new grilled chicken torta today. Co-worker had the barbacoa (loved it), another one tried the turkey (he thought it could have used more cranberry), and I devoured mine. Love love love the roasted onion salsa from the condiment bar, as well as the homemade pickles. Oh-and the chipolte ketsup?? Tastes like BBQ sauce but there's nothing wrong with that. What are the cookies about? I sadly missed those somehow.

            1. Sorry all-just realized you were asking for non-sandwich items. I saw Tio's and got a little excited...apologies!

              1. no problemo - I mirror your enthusiasm. And I agree fully - the pickles are delicious, as are most of the other condiments. Barbacoa is amazing, at its best. My only problem with Tio's is an occasional lack of consistency. The first time I had the barbacoa, it was bland - turns out they didn't add the standard dose of sauce to the prep. I'm glad I gave it a second try, because it's really good. I had the same experience with the Arnaldo (pork) and with the fries - I love crispy fries, and when theirs are on target, they're among the best in dallas.

                The cookies are to the left of the cash registers. They typically have two kinds - mexican wedding cookies (delicious and not too sweet) and some dulce de leche bars (delicious but extremely sweet). They're cheap too - only $1 for three of them, which is pretty good for a dessert.

                1. Wonderful-I love mexican wedding cookies! Thanks gavlist!