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Feb 17, 2007 03:42 PM

Cheap delicious Indian chow in DC?

I was spoiled in my tiny college town, where two Indian restaurants duked it out across the one main street (called Maine Street) and provided us with a seemingly constant flow of perfect mango lassis, scrumptious naans, spot-on dal mahkani...Now, in the nation's capital, it seems to be very slim pickings unless I want to pretend it's 19th century colonial Bombay, and pay accordingly. Is there anywhere within the city limits I can go with a thin paycheck and relive those glorious tandoori nights? Thanks!

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  1. Try the White Tiger at 3rd and Mass Ave, NE. They have a $9.95 lunch buffet M - F and a $10.95 Sunday brunch special.
    The best recommendation I can put out there is that there was an official welcome party for the Indian Ambassador when he arrived in Washington. A lot of officials from the Embassy frequent it as do Members of Congress. The only Indian-American Congressman, Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, has used it for cocktail parties as has Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
    They must be do something right in additon to decent prices.

    1. Thanks, I'll check it out!

      1. My two meals at White Tiger -- years ago now -- were decidedly underwhelming. In the District proper, Indique, Nirvana and Heritage India are probably the best bets, but there have been downhill signs on this Board as to each. When I worked near there, I used to get very good, cheap vegetarian fare from Indian Delight in the Post Office Pavillion (but I haven't been since the owners opened Nirvana)

        If you're willing to go a mile outside the District, Passage to India in Bethesda is excellent. And I've been hearing very good things about Saravana Palace in Fairfax.

        1. Forgot about Aatish in the 600 block of Pennsylvania Ave, SE.
          Another daily inexpensive lunch buffet at $8.95. Gets good reviews from the City Paper for good, cheap Indian/Pakistani food, Tandoori. Not beautiful but tasty.

          1. Heritage India is well rated and has good food.