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Feb 17, 2007 03:04 PM

cooking for two (one skinny person and the other... pleasingly plump)

My husband is the skinny one and I am the pleasingly plump one. I would like to lose a few pounds and he shouldn't really lose any weight. When we were both single, he would shop for food by looking for the items with the most calories and I would do the opposite. Sigh... is anyone else in this situation? How do you cook for two who are opposites in metabolism? TIA!

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  1. I am in a similar situation, but my husband is not skinny- he just likes to eat more than I do!
    When I make a sauce, I let him have a mound of pasta, but I put mine on a plate of broccolli or spaghetti squash. Or I roast some peppers and he has sausages on the side, while I toss mine with greens and have a side of cottage cheese.
    So we usaully share at least one aspect of the meal.
    It is really all about portion control. I'll make him cheesy quesadillas, but I will have an 'open faced' (ie only one tortilla) one with a lot less cheese and more salsa, for example.
    Good Luck!

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      "It is really all about portion control."

      AMEN, sister!!!! Just use 1/4 or 1/2 portion for you ... full portion for spouse!

    2. If you do meals in which there is a "buffet"like put together aspect, it's easier.

      A salad can have a base of good veggies, and then he can add his favorite toppings..say deli meats, cooked meats, dressing, cheee, etc, and you ad yours, like tuna, beans lower fat dressings.

      A taco bar or burrito bar for two also works this way. Prep some fat free refired beans or black beans (he won't know)..lay out small bowls of tomatoes, avocado, lettuce (or cabbage for Baja style), olives, peppers, pre-shredded cheese, a jar of salsa, fat free sour creme, meat, and there you are!

      You can do the same thing with a small sandwich bar, nacho bar, stir fry bar and more.

      1. I'm in a similar situation to one of the posters above (sweetie has bigger appetite than me), but it sounds like the OP is in a rather different situation (doesn't necessarily want to eat half as much, and husband may not want to eat twice as much).

        Certainly, gradually adjusting portion size is important too, but it sounds like you need on hand things that don't require special extra cooking, that can be added to dinner to supplement either your plate or his. I'd suggest trading off: yes, sometimes maybe his salad gets the extra treats that you're trying to cut back on, but it's no fun to always fill up his plate with tasty high calorie things that you can't eat too! Instead, why not try things that would satisfy him in a full portion, and yourself take a half portion plus something else filling and easy to prepare, like a bigger salad, or some crudites? Keeping bagged salad, prepped broccoli, carrot sticks, etc., on hand gives you a lot of almost no-prep filling veggie options to supplement a smaller portion of whatever he's having. The key is to load up on healthy *easy* stuff, so it's not like you're cooking short order for two different diets :)