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Feb 17, 2007 03:03 PM


After decades of serving great country breakfests and lunches, beginning on Valentine's Day they began serving dinner. Think $20 steak dinners and other American meals. The owner tells me that they will have several Mexican dishes soon. No printed menu yet, I would suggest calling before you head out.

On below link, scroll down to 'Ranch Breakfest'

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  1. Nope...nothing about Ranch Breakfast on that bottom link.

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      1. re: tony michaels

        Ahh, it doesn't say ranch breakfast..but Ranch Morning...this is why my scanning eyes, looing for the word "breaksfast" saw it not!


        are the buiscuits yummy? Plentiful?

        1. re: Diana

          The biscuits are great and available plain or as Biscuits & Gravy. The light cream type gravy on the biscuits and the very good Chicken Fried Steak is good. The brown gravy that I got on the mashed potatoes a few months ago was, as I reported back then, nasty. But keep in mind that the brown gravy is the only thing that I've had at this place that isn't excellent! Oh yea, are the buscuits plentiful? Well they weren't today, they ran out when one of my lads AKA BreadBoy asked for a 3rd order!

          I'll also add that 'The Pineburger' in the version referred to as 'The Works' on the menu is outstanding! I had the larger of the 2 sizes, ordered AND SERVED rare. Came on a lightly toastes sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, Ortega chile, a coupla strips of bacon, cheddar I think and a little 1000 island type dressing (or was it mayo) - hell, I can't remember, but it was worth the long drive!

      2. I went to Pines Cafe a couple if times, many, many years ago, one thing I remember was a homemade pie they had, was either blueberry or blackberry, it was very good.

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          1. Been to the Pines a few times. I really enjoyed it.

            The breakfasts are huge and the pancake are awesome.

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            1. re: crisronk

              The Pines Cafe did have tasty huge breakfasts and the pancakes were awesome as were the biscuits, chicken fried steak, Pine Burger, steaks, fried potatos etc. but they are no more. The lady who is the most recent owner, despite promises to keep The Pines menu, has converted the property into a Mexican restaurant.

              Pines Cafe
              4343 Pearblossom Hwy, Palmdale, CA 93552