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Poll on Best Pizza in Park Slope

So I was wondering what everyone thought was the best pizza in Park slope.

I have been to Grandmas off the subway at the corner of 4th & Union and have found them to be very tasty and consistent for a neopolaton.

I live near La Villa and I have found there pizza to be great, but my roommate does not care much for it.

Joes on Bleeker street is always good but I think there pizza pie (around 18 for a pie is high)

What do you guys think

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    1. interesting about joes i lived there about 2 years ago and the pie in brooklyn was 12bucks when the one in manhattan was selling it for 16 sorry to see they jacked it up in brooklyn as well -currently living in Miami and would pay almost anything for a joes pie:) have been to the others mentioned but my votes still on joes

      1. Bombadilio,

        This topic seems to get asked pretty frequently, so you might want to do a search. In addition to Joe's, La Villa and Anthony's, FRANNYs on Flatbush Avenue often gets mentioned, although some people think it is overrated and overpriced. Good luck!

        1. I don't know why I am so turned off by Franny's? I would take Anthony's and the extra $15 in my pocket any day (or maybe buy another pie at Anthony's with it). As a former 321er, I got to give it up for Pino's.

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            Being a 321er, as well as a PS Lifer I must sat Pino's was great on Halloween when they gave away free slices. Then I went to IS 88 and discovered Smiling, then Lenny's......now they along with Antonio's all taste the same. Eventually I will try Anthony's and La Villa.

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              Franny's is a waste of an excellent wood-burning oven. It's overpriced, pretentious and way too precious to be taken seriously as a pizza place. It's success is indicative of the changing demographics of Park Slope/Prospect Heights. It's still in business because more and more people are moving in from Manhattan where this sort of crap is to be expected. When they first opened they had pasta dishes on the menu, some were actually very good, but you had to deal w/ the waitstaff explaining the ingredients to you like you were some kind of idiot from North Dakota who never had Italian food before. Plus, the decor is boring and cheap. Don't waste your time or money.

            2. i have to say for gourmet, it's franny's. for a regular slice, i think pino's and lenny's are the only ones that i can enjoy.

              1. I love Franny's, but like was said, that's more of a gourmet thing, not "pizza joint". For pizza joint, I think the fresh mozzarella pie at Roma is the best thing going.

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                  does Roma still make the focaccia-like small pie with onion on it? I always liked that in my 7th Ave lunch-after-the-dance-studio-with-kids days.

                2. Lenny's for a quick slice. Anthony's for a pie.

                  1. I second the Anthony's recommendation if you are dining in and would like a pie. I really like Anthony's. Their staff is sooo attentive and friendly and they have repeatedly made off-menu items at my request.

                    1. But isn't Anthony's a little steep as well? Like $14 for a fairly puny 10 inch pizza? That's what I remember. And they only have about 2 varieties of pie, right?

                      1. I've posted this on other threads but I think it's worth repeating -- my hands-down favorite for delivery in the PS area (they're really in Windsor Terrace but will deliver by car to most of Park Slope, I believe) is Laura's Gourmet. The pies are just excellent. I like them much better than Anthony's and La Villa (they're cheaper, too). I'm not a fan of the restaurant itself and the rest of the menu items are fine but nothing special, but they really have it going on in the pizza dept. I like it with fresh mushroom and garlic (or onion). In the past I've gone through spinach & sausage phase, a meatball phase, and even a shrimp phase. A Laura's pizza and italian salad (very nice, simple salad big enough for at least 2) is our default order for a Sunday night in.

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                          laura's pies are soggy, bland and mediocore. maybe they'd be good in dayton but nothing special in brooklyn.

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                            youch. i've never been to dayton, but i've been eating pizza in brooklyn for years. i'm not saying laura's beats some of the best (difara's etc.), but in my personal experience, they beat any pies i've had in the park slope area. (BTW, have you ever been to dayton? dayton may just have the best damn pizza joint in america. you never know...)

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                              i have been to dayton and if pappa john's is your thing you will be quite pleased.

                              i'm not questioning your brooklyn pizza intake, but i really dont like laura's, its a matter of different tastes, i guess.

                              la villa and anthony's would be my choices in park slope. neither are great, but not bad when you dont feel like making the trek to ave j.

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                              This post has been bothering me for months. While there are Poppa John's in Dayton, the two biggest local pizza chains are Donatos and Cassanos - no self respecting Daytonian corporate pizza consumer - without some really spectacular kind of coupon - would buy from PJ. Donatos being of a higher quality than Cassanos, it's the high end under thirty minutes or less spot- but please don't eat either - except in the name of science of course.

                              There is a decent New York style place with a downtown and Wright State University / Wright Patterson Air force Base (where local lore leads to speculation that the alien bodies of the Roswell crash are kept) location called "Flying Pizza". I think the owner is in the federal witness protection program.

                              Then there are Dayton style pizza places. I can recall two with great fondness. The First in Marions - the location on North Main allows you to self serve quarts of beer during your meal. The second, and by far, the gem of the Gem City's pizza scene is Hoagies Pizza on North Dixie by the Drive In and strip clubs. They serve the pies on foil. Old men sit there for hours and salt and pepper their beers... I do agree that Laura's Pies are tops. Don't eat them much anymore, but your initial advocation was dead on.

                          2. Anthony's, hands down. Their pizza is fluffy and delicious. Pino's is pretty good too, and you get the chance to watch middle schoolers flirt with each other over pizza and soda. It's highly entertaining.

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                              agree with anthony's, i get the house pie with garlic & sausage basically every sunday night. 2nd up is franny's, but with no delivery....
                              in the past week peppe's has come into view, thanks to this site, but i've had one (slightly) negative experience(delivery) and one (slightly) positive experience(pick up-slice), so the jury is still out for us. lennys is good. joes sometimes wins by default only because of the late hours and it's on my way from (stumbling!) the subway to home...hiccup....

                            2. A Margherita pie at Anthony's is $11 (perfect size for one hungry person)...when I have it delivered the tip included is $15. Not bad for a great pie. Much better than La Villa. I ordered their Sicilian pie last night and it was all dough...blech. When I order a Margherita from them it's like $18 without tip and it's soggy as hell when it arrives.

                              This Laura's sounds interesting but is it a wood fired oven? With a charred crust and fresh ingredients? Or is it just like every other corner pizza place (i.e. Smiling Pizza, Friends, etc?)

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                                Laura's is wood oven pizza with loverly charred crust, good flavorful sauce, excellent mozzarella, fresh ingredients. The actual restaurant is slightly fancy -- this is definitely not a corner pizza joint. Delivery pies are large only -- not individual. As I wrote, I personally think their pies are far superior to Anthony's (I live right near Anthony's so I've definitely had enough of their pizza for a fair comparison).
                                Try ordering from Laura's sometime and post back on the results -- I'd be interested to find out if you agree it beats Anthony's.

                              2. I'm going to try it. I live on 18th and 6th Ave. They should deliver there right? Do they have a basic Margherita pie? I don't suppose you have a phone number?

                                1. (718) 436 3715
                                  Yes to basic Margherita
                                  I think they should deliver to you -- as I mentioned, they do their deliveries by car, but you should ask up front when you call.
                                  And, again, please do post back on what you think.

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                                  1. re: JenMarie66

                                    Hopefully sometime this week...I'll let you know and thanks for the info.

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                                      OK...so I ordered from Laura's tonight...and seriously...not good. It tasted like the same kind of pizza you'd get from Pino's, Lenny's, Friend's, Smiling, etc. The mozarella wasn't fresh, the sauce tasted canned, the dough was chewy with no crunch, there were four sad leaves of basil on it...basically blech. I should have ordered from Anthony's, which I will tomorrow to make up for this pizza travesty I endured this evening. Honestly, not even close to Anthony's or even La Villa...and a universe away from Di Fara's (more like a super-cluster away from Di Fara's). This is the kind of pizza you order drunk while watching a sports game that you forget about when you pass out in your Laz-Y-Boy.

                                      1. re: pastoralia

                                        Wow. honestly don't know what to say except i'm truly confused. i know i don't have crappy taste in pizza -- i cut my teeth on sally's & pepe's in new haven. i also know there are other laura's lovers out there (and we're only sometimes drunkenly shoving slices down our pipes whilst passing out on the the laz-Y-boy). but laura's is obviously a crap shoot . and so i officially rescind my laura's recommendation. it's actually been kind of interesting on this thread to deal with the CH bitchiness i have, until now, only heard about. well, people are passionate about pizza.
                                        new rule: don't talk to strangers about pizza.

                                    2. I have to say, I like Franny's a lot (haven't been there in at least a year, though) and the pizzas at Bar Toto when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing -- but when I want a "football" pizza, Pizza Plus (7th between 10th and 11th) is my mainstay. Some of the pizzamakers there are better than others, but by and large, they remain my go-to pizza joint.

                                      1. Anthony's for eat-in whole pie, Pino's for slices. We now get take-out usually from Anthony's but before they came around we also liked Pizza Plus--their pizzas are actually quite good (for what it is.) We also like Pizza Plus for lasagne and other Italian take-out and they will deliver to Windsor Terrace (where we live.)

                                          1. On 7th Avenue at around 10th or 11th Street.

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                                              now pizza plus is the kind of pizza you might find in dayton if you get lucky.

                                            2. I recntly had a great slice from a pizza place on 4th ave. and 12th or 13th st. The owner was super nice and accomodating, and the pizza was awesome.

                                              1. As another NYC lifer...(went to one of the private schools, but many of my friends went to 51), we used to go to Smiling Pizza which was always my favorite and then I was visiting a friend in the area last year, and seriously, not good anymore.

                                                1. This is more south, south slope, or north sunset park, but the fresh mozzarella pizza at Luigi's on 5th Ave between 20th and 21st is really great, in my opinion. I can't say the regular mozzarella is as good, because I *always* get the fresh mozz, with garlic and eggplant. The guy, Gio, inherited the place from his dad, makes all the pizza himself and his old Italian-immigrant mom works in the back, making meatballs and fried eggplant. I love it, but it seems like no one else but real, life-long neighborhood people know about it. My two cents, for what it's worth.

                                                  1. I definitely second the Luigi's opinion. Delicious. You'll want to stay on Giovanni's good side, though. Because I have certainly seen him send grown men running with his glare.

                                                    Second fave is Tomato & Basil @ Union (referred to as "Grandma's" above). So friendly, such a variety of good things. And they deliver to me all the way down at 18th street. Gotta love that.

                                                    Joe's is good, but saying their pies are $18 is being a little misleading. A large plain pie is $12, and most of the one toppings are the same or maybe $14. The only ones more than that are the "specialty" pies - Barbecue Chicken, Chicken Tomato Pesto, Vodka, and 3 cheese. I think a couple of those might be $18. The specialty pies are hit or miss so keep it simple and you'll be happy.

                                                    Also, Lenny's is gross.

                                                    Luigi's Pizza
                                                    686 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                                    Tomato and Basil
                                                    226 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                                                      I wanted to like Tomato & Basil very much. I'd been in there 3 or 4 times for slices and thought they were pretty good. Better still, the owner is a Mets fan and we talk baseball.

                                                      Alas, based on those pleasant experiences I ordered a full pie for takeout. Unfortunately it just didn't hold up. The crust was cardboard-like and the cheese seemed overly bland. The tomato sauce was good but that wasn't enough to overcome the inherent lack of character of the pie.

                                                      Which left me with a mystery ... why did I think the individual slices I had previously ordered were good? I think in this case that hunger and atmposphere trumped quality. Sort of like enjoying a hamburger at a summer cookout at someone's backyard. The burger tastes fine but if the same one was served to you in a restaurant you'd apply different standards.

                                                      Over the course of 2 evenings I ate half of my takeout pie and froze the remaining slices because my father taught me never to throw away food. Six months later, there they sit, getting freezer burn and gradually turning a dull brown. Obviously I'll never eat them. Time to throw them out and try takeout from Anthony's.

                                                    2. Had Anthony's again last night to make up for the abysmal pizza from Laura's...mmmm so good. I'm so glad that place is there.

                                                      To the Luigi lovers...I was at The Living Room Lounge one night and after a few drinks I asked the bartender where I could get a pizza from. I swear I ordered from Lenny's but it would make more sense if it was Luigi's (since they are right around the corner). Maybe it was the booze but that was damn fine pizza. Has anyone done the same thing at The Living Room Lounge and ordered a pie to be delivered to the bar? Is it Luigi's or Lenny's? Maybe I have to rethink my best "deli-style" pizza place if it was Luigi's and not Lenny's.

                                                      1. I had a great experience at Luigi's the other night. Giovanni was really nice (It was only my second time in the place so it wasn't because i had any kind of regular status). He gave me a slice of the fresh mozz pie with his special basil oil to try (delish). I got a regular pie (sausage and garlic) and a fried calzone and they were both great. They're my new go-to place (especially since they don't deliver up to me in WT, i have to go to them).

                                                        1. Assuming flexible boundaries, hands down best pizza is Giuseppina's on 6th ave and 20th st

                                                          691 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215