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Feb 17, 2007 02:56 PM

Poll on Best Pizza in Park Slope

So I was wondering what everyone thought was the best pizza in Park slope.

I have been to Grandmas off the subway at the corner of 4th & Union and have found them to be very tasty and consistent for a neopolaton.

I live near La Villa and I have found there pizza to be great, but my roommate does not care much for it.

Joes on Bleeker street is always good but I think there pizza pie (around 18 for a pie is high)

What do you guys think

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    1. interesting about joes i lived there about 2 years ago and the pie in brooklyn was 12bucks when the one in manhattan was selling it for 16 sorry to see they jacked it up in brooklyn as well -currently living in Miami and would pay almost anything for a joes pie:) have been to the others mentioned but my votes still on joes

      1. Bombadilio,

        This topic seems to get asked pretty frequently, so you might want to do a search. In addition to Joe's, La Villa and Anthony's, FRANNYs on Flatbush Avenue often gets mentioned, although some people think it is overrated and overpriced. Good luck!

        1. I don't know why I am so turned off by Franny's? I would take Anthony's and the extra $15 in my pocket any day (or maybe buy another pie at Anthony's with it). As a former 321er, I got to give it up for Pino's.

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            Being a 321er, as well as a PS Lifer I must sat Pino's was great on Halloween when they gave away free slices. Then I went to IS 88 and discovered Smiling, then Lenny' they along with Antonio's all taste the same. Eventually I will try Anthony's and La Villa.

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              Franny's is a waste of an excellent wood-burning oven. It's overpriced, pretentious and way too precious to be taken seriously as a pizza place. It's success is indicative of the changing demographics of Park Slope/Prospect Heights. It's still in business because more and more people are moving in from Manhattan where this sort of crap is to be expected. When they first opened they had pasta dishes on the menu, some were actually very good, but you had to deal w/ the waitstaff explaining the ingredients to you like you were some kind of idiot from North Dakota who never had Italian food before. Plus, the decor is boring and cheap. Don't waste your time or money.

            2. i have to say for gourmet, it's franny's. for a regular slice, i think pino's and lenny's are the only ones that i can enjoy.