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Feb 17, 2007 02:43 PM

Kosher Restaurants near the Waldorf Astoria

I will be attending a conference at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Are there any kosher restaurants nearby (Park & 51st)?

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  1. Yes! One of my favorites is right near by! The Prime Grill is an excellent steakhouse with superb food, though it can run a bit pricey. It's about a 2 minute walk away from the hotel. If you happen to be there Thursday evening, they have my favorite special, which is black angus with smoked mashed potatoes and a mushroom to top it off. My absolute favorite!

    1. Solo (Madison & 54th)
      Prime Grill (60th btwn Park/Madison)
      Gusto Va Mare (53rd btwn 2nd/3rd)
      Taam Tov (41 W. 47th, 3rd floor, btwn 5th/6th)

      1. I concur with the recommendations for The Prime Grill - my favorite restaurant in New York but another good suggestion is Le marais at 150 W 46th - another excellent steakhouse little noisier than Prime Grill but also quite good -

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          I agree with Weinstein5, Le Marais is also very good, but it is a noisier environment, without some of the finish you get at Prime. If that's not a problem for you, then you can get an excellent meal at either one. They have pretty good selection on their menu and their duck and veal spread that is exceptionally tasty. Their menu also tends to be a little less pricey. With that said, my fiancé and I did enjoy their prime rib for two, which was about a 50oz portion and marvelously flavorful.

          I need to find a good fare to NYC to get dinner sometime soon! :)

        2. I will be attending the conference at the Waldorf in the morning. Which of the suggested restaurants is the best choice for lunch?

          1. Le Marais is too far to walk for lunch. A less expensive option than Prime Grill and Solo is Wolf & Lamb, on 48th street. Taam Tov on 47th St is another less expensive choice, and it's better, imo, than W&L.

            BTW, Prime Grill is on 49th b/w Park and Madison, not 60th.

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              Yes Le Marais is too far to walk and Wolf and Lamb is an option - I have good meals there but nothing that compares to The Prime Grill - If this is your only chance to get out and try some of these restaurants I would defnitely go to The Prime Grill