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NYC Bridal Shower Ideas

sg84559 Feb 17, 2007 02:26 PM

Looking for a nice place to hold a bridal shower for my sister . . . wanted to have it at Alice's Tea Cup, but the private room isn't available. Would liek to do a bruch or tea menu. Lady Mendel's is a bit more that I would like to speind ($50/ per person). Alice's Tea cup at $25/ person was perfect! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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    jsgjewels Feb 19, 2007 04:03 AM

    Just found this site, with a list of all tea houses by location, check out the ones with private rooms or that you can rent out entirely. I think there are a bunch of options that have tea services for $30 or less, Arium for instance. http://www.teamap.com

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    1. re: jsgjewels
      jackieparis May 21, 2007 04:39 AM

      I would recommend Franchia on Park and 34th for something delicious and different. It is an excellent Asian vegetarian tea spot. I've seen a lot of bridal showers there.

      1. re: jackieparis
        dawnfawn May 21, 2007 07:26 AM

        Call AnnaLia, new owner at the Country Cafe. Lovely, small and she is wonderful.
        Country Cafe
        69 Thompson St
        New York, NY 10012-4368View Map
        (212) 966-5417
        Directions: C, E at Spring St.

    2. w
      weezie1818 Feb 18, 2007 06:15 PM

      Danal has a lovely upstairs parlor in the back and the food is terrific.

      1. financialdistrictresident Feb 18, 2007 04:21 PM

        The Pasanella wine shop on Front Street has a lovely private room. Not sure what your budget is or their rates are. (I really like Cornelia Street Cafe mentioned in another post and they have a downstairs you can rent if there are no cabaret performances. Plus the back room with the fireplace is really nice too).

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident
          financialdistrictresident Feb 19, 2007 05:39 AM

          Danal is quaint and charming. I haven't been there in awhile, how is it these days?

        2. j
          Jean_Suton Feb 18, 2007 10:29 AM

          I attended a really nice baby shower brunch at Supper. There were about 15 people there, but definitely room for up to to 10-15 more. It's a private room--pretty and set up nicely. We were able to choose from the entire menu and they served a first course of salad and second course of lemon spaghetti before the main dish.

          1. fat parish Feb 17, 2007 05:20 PM

            did a nice one for my friend at Cornelia Street Cafe. brunch was good and not expensive. they gave us back room, private. everyone seemed to love it.

            1. s
              sg84559 Feb 17, 2007 04:07 PM

              would like to have a private room somewhere -- there will probably be 20 people

              1. p
                piccola Feb 17, 2007 04:06 PM

                Are you looking to rent out a place, or just secure a table?

                Maybe Elephant and Castle? Or Pink Tea Cup?

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                1. re: piccola
                  dewdropin May 21, 2007 07:04 AM

                  If you love the way Alice's looks, you will adore Kings, they also have a high tea or you can have a meal. It is this quaint little carriage house converted into a restaurant In the middle of an Upper East Side Street.
                  Kings' Carriage House
                  251 E. 82nd Street

                  I have been to Alice's a few times and to Kings, I think Kings is much nicer and in your price range does a better party. At Alice's I hate all the commotion and confusion when you enter especially when you are there to attend a party.

                  Kings is not like that, it has a quieter more beautiful entrance and front room when you enter. It's filled with antiques and they have a couple of private rooms upstairs for small parties. Or a room on the main floor in the back garden. It looks like the Ralph Lauren store with all the antiques and fresh flowers everywhere and the little rooms are beautifully decorated with antique dining tables.

                  I had my birthday party there and I was so happy with the place!

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