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Feb 17, 2007 02:04 PM

Dining out in Nipomo/Pismo Beach area

Looking for a great restaurant for dinner in the Nipomo/Pismo Beach area this weekend... any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Lido Restaurant in the Dolphin Bay Resort in Shell Beach. There is self-parking on the south end of the parking lot. Valet is available. The dining room is upscale, but smart casual dress is fine . Noisy room but if not foggy there is a view. The menu changes quarterly and is designed for pairing with wine. Nearly everything (starter or main) comes in a smaller or larger portion. For some items ordered (the masa crusted halibut) the portions looked fairly similar. Our average charge per person was $45 with starter, main, and one bottle split 4 ways Foccacia type bread is complimentary. For the quality, I thought it was a good value especially if the smaller portions are selected. As an example of the menu, I had the roasted white corn and dungeness crab chowder ($10 or $12), small portion of spring mix salad with a few beets and goat cheese ($5), and a raw halibut sashimi (tiradito). Executive Chef is Evan Treadwell