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Feb 17, 2007 01:58 PM

Pho Yan, Medford Sq.

"Hai nam chicken" rice plate ($7): one whole skin-on bone-in leg (yay!) covered with chopped scallions and steamed to perfect just-doneness, served with ginger-soy dipping sauce, steamed rice, tasteless iceberg-cucumber-tomato, and cup of broth with scallions and cilantro. While the chicken was very good, the high point was the rich, deeply flavored broth--must be pork in there, maybe even some duck.

They have wine and beer now. Not a compelling selection, but there it is.

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  1. Hows the Pho? What else have you had there? I live in East Somerville, and mostly go to Chinatown for Vietnamese, a place in Medford would be an interesting alternative.

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      I've had their Pho once and found it to be delicious...and a GREAT value at about $7 for a large - which for me lasted three meals!

    2. I know that some traditional Hainan Chicken Rice recipes use seaweed in the chicken-cooking broth to make it more substantial. Maybe that's what you're tasting.

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      1. re: Luther

        I don't think seaweed is used in the broth in Singapore, but other meat bones can be a possibility.

      2. Thanks for the reminder to try this place out - sounds promising! Did you eat in or take-out? (Your dish seems like it'd fare better eating in?)

        1. I just ate there a week ago - I was very, very pleased. Interior is nice, waiter was extremely pleasant & recommended the House Special Vermicelli ($8.95) - and I was not disappointed. I was headed out to a concert, & found my thoughts wandering to the meal I just had, & when I can return!

          I noticed that there is a Vietnamese restaurant on Pleasant St. in Malden - forgot the name. Has anyone tried it? This is closer to me, & I can't wait to see how it compares.

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          1. re: threedogs

            you mean Pho 99? The decor is low brow, but food is good. I am almost positive Pho Yan is owned by the people who run Pho 99.

            But I see Aromatherapy says it's related to Saigon Noodle, so who knows! I know the house specialty vermicelli at Pho 99 is very similar to the dish of the same name at Pho Yan, but perhaps there is no direct relation.

            1. re: lisa13

              I thought it was Saigon Noodle but can't remember why now. You could certainly be right.

          2. I think their pho is good, not worth a detour, but I seem to like pho more in theory than practice, usually order something else. The chicken version was also good not great--but the broth I got yesterday was better than I remember the chicken soup, guess I'll try it again. I liked their bo hue noodle soup. The sweet and sour fish soup was very nicely cooked. Bun (vermicelli) was fine. Fresh rolls were really fresh (filling still warm). The Vietnamese menu is not that large, it's also Chinese (mostly the American stuff). The family is originally from China but lived in Vietname for quite a while.

            A l i c e: Yes, in. Have yet to get takeout there.

            Threedogs, I went looking for the name of the one on Pleasant and found it had changed--no idea if the change was just the name, but it was 99-something and now it's P&T. I have a favorable impression from one visit--a much more extensive Viet menu, too. Pho Yan is related somehow to Saigon Noodle on Main in Malden, which is also pretty good. If you check either out, please post.