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Feb 17, 2007 01:34 PM

Breakfast within driving distance of Sheppard/404

Looking for a breakfast spot near Sheppard and 404 otherwise my date will make me go to the Golden Griddle! Help please.

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  1. Yeesh. That area is bleak.
    I'm sorry to post saying I can't think of anything but really...
    There's a Michel's Baguette at Fairview Mall and (of course) several Tim Hortons in the vicinity. If you can go about 5+ mins north in the car you can go to Pickle Barrel (just north of Finch) which is reliable for breakfast.
    OH - and on York Mills, close to Leslie Street is Windfield's which is kinda similar to the Pick. Not tooo far.

    1. Thank you Fleisch. I would take a greasy spoon any day over a chain. But I happened to go and survived. My date made the experience worth the drive out in that direction.

      But I get to pick the next outing.

      1. No prob. Where di you end up going?
        And yeah...there are more hopping areas for breakfast options.

        1. I guess I like this guy and see the potential of making him a future Chowhound. I gave in to his pick!

          1. I guess your breakfast has come and gone, but for future reference, I really like this breakfast place, on the north side of Sheppard west of Leslie, called Sunshine Spot. It's right beside a Sheridan Nursery, and pretty much across the street from a Canadian Tire. They serve a pretty nice breakfast.