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chocolate covered coffee beans - toronto

Does anyone know of a good spot in toronto (preferrably downtown) to pickup chocolate covered coffee beans? I know starbucks carries bags, but the price is a little rich ($10 for a fairly small bag). Does anyone know of a better option?

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  1. Im sure Ive seen then at nutty chocolatier in the beaches.. and suckers on the danforth i believe had them at some point.

    1. i think someone at the St. Lawrence Market has them.

      1. I order them in bulk from San Francisco Herb Company. They are not expensive. SFHerb has a website and I've always had excellent service from them.

        1. There's a candy stall on the concourse level of the Hydro building (700 University, corner of College and University). They usually carry them (although they've been out for the past week or so). You can get a small bag for $1, or try the bulk bins.

          - Lea

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            It turns out I bought the last of the coffee beans at the Hydro building, as they're not just out, they're no longer stocking them. My afternoons will never be the same again. Hope I didn't send anyone on a wild goose chase.

            - Lea

          2. Soma Chocolates in the Distillery has the. They use Balzac beans so they're really caffeinated!

            1. The ones from Soma are off the chain!

              1. I have to agree - the Soma chocolate beans are heaven, but not if you are in to super sweetness, as they really bring out the coffee and chocolate flavours. (So if you take your coffee with five spoons of sugar, you might not find these great).

                You can also find them in the bulk food store on the level of the St.Lawrence south market. (I have no idea the name... just how to walk there.)

                1. Looking for some chocolate covered coffee beans as a birthday gift. Any more suggestions???

                  1. Strictly Bulk on the Danforth carries them. You can also order them from chocodirect.com - I highly recommened this source for all your chocolate needs (and more than just chocolate...)

                    1. I was extremely surprised to see that they carry them at Bulk Barn. They are covered in Belgian dark chocolate and my husband says that they are just as good as those at Starbucks. If this matters at all, these are better for you too because the chocolate only contains cocoa butter, no other fats.

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                        I'm pretty sure that Choco Sol at 720 Bathurst (S of Bloor) makes them. But a caveat - their products are a little 'rustic' or 'rough'. Might wanna try 'em first. Thoroughly fair-trade and artisnal.

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                          Which bulk barn? I've never seen them.

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                            I've recently had them at the Lakeshore & Leslie one. I'd agree they are good.

                        2. I just saw them at the Dominion on Gould, near Ryerson.

                          1. I got my last batch from a chocalatier (sorry, don't have the name) in Kensington Market. I'm not a connoisseur, but they taste pretty good and have a nice caffeine edge.

                            1. Sugar Mountain has 'em in bulk for pennies a gram...(Ottawa location) and although the buzz is gentler, but they have dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties.

                              1. If you are ever north of Toronto in Richmond Hill or Thornhill, Tavazo carries excellent dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Tavazo is a bulk food shop, carrying dried fruits, nuts, etc. Their prices are decent. You may be interested to know they also carry chocolate covered dried fruits, such as apricots, cranberries, pears and blueberries.


                                1. Simone Marie Belgian Chocolates on Cumberland has them. They're a bit pricey there ($8 for a bag larger than a deck of cards but smaller than a digital camera, if I remember right - very sad, since my last bag spilled into the depths of my purse) but not too bitter, the chocolate is a nice consistency (i.e. doesn't chip off the bean) and they give you a proper jolt, enough that I've used them to replace coffee during those late-night struggles to meet a deadline.

                                  1. I know this is an old post, but Manic has some. They're pretty good. What's crazy good is the Intelli espresso bar they have. So good. Voges chocolate to boot.

                                    1. Anybody know of any place that would sell marbleized candy coated espresso beans? Something that would look like these: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3029/3...

                                      Making a Thanksgiving dessert and I would like it to have a certain look... chocolate covered beans might not do it!