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Feb 17, 2007 01:25 PM

chocolate covered coffee beans - toronto

Does anyone know of a good spot in toronto (preferrably downtown) to pickup chocolate covered coffee beans? I know starbucks carries bags, but the price is a little rich ($10 for a fairly small bag). Does anyone know of a better option?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Im sure Ive seen then at nutty chocolatier in the beaches.. and suckers on the danforth i believe had them at some point.

      1. i think someone at the St. Lawrence Market has them.

        1. I order them in bulk from San Francisco Herb Company. They are not expensive. SFHerb has a website and I've always had excellent service from them.

          1. There's a candy stall on the concourse level of the Hydro building (700 University, corner of College and University). They usually carry them (although they've been out for the past week or so). You can get a small bag for $1, or try the bulk bins.

            - Lea

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            1. re: Canada Eats

              It turns out I bought the last of the coffee beans at the Hydro building, as they're not just out, they're no longer stocking them. My afternoons will never be the same again. Hope I didn't send anyone on a wild goose chase.

              - Lea