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Feb 17, 2007 01:16 PM

Besito (Mexican) Roslyn?

Has anyone been to Besito recently? It's a relatively new place in the Wheatly shopping center in Roslyn (near the viaduct). Some early Chowhound reviews were mixed.

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  1. Hi was there recently and am going incidentally for dinner tonight so can follow up with a report. I like the atmosphere quite a bit, and the guacamole is wonderful! I have been four times, two were great, one was OK and one time was not so great. So like any restaurant its very hit or miss but more of a hit than a miss!

    1. I was there twice and I would definitely go back. The food is very good, great drinks, great atmosphere. LI needed a place like this.

      1. they also have a location in huntington right on the main drag.same menu i understand.we liked it quite a bit.