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Bay and Bloor Coffee Beans

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Having missed once in the past, I finally got around to trying coffee beans from Whole Foods again. Wow. I was there about 10am today (Saturday) and got a small bag of their fair-trade, organic, "Great Lakes Blend" that was still hot from being roasted. It was still warm when I got it home and ground it. These beans made the sweetest cup of coffee I have had in a long time. Try it!

I'm glad to have had a success here. I used to buy coffee in Kensington, but since having moved it just isn't practical anymore (I like to buy only a few days worth at a time and now live 40 minutes walk from the market).

Am I missing another source in the Bay and Bloor area?

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  1. What does the reliably underwhelming Pusateries have on offer?

    1. You could walk to Green Beanery in about 10 minutes, they have freshly roasted beans also.

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        Thanks for the info on Green Beanery, foodyDudey. I didn't know it existed; I'll definitely check out the retail store at Bloor and Bathurst.

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          Your welcome. I bought my Rancilio espresso machine and burr grinder there, and also some coffee. I really like their "Come to Papua" espresso beans.
          BTW, my sister is the massage therapist who works in the wellness center above Qi.

      2. I tried Pusateri's once. They had some pre-packaged crap for way too much money, and that was all (that I could find... and good luck getting help there).

        Thanks for the tip, fD - I will definitely check it out (I can't believe I didn't know about this place... I used to walk by there at least once a week).

        1. I buy a brand of fair trade coffee called Just Us!, and I adore their Italian roast. I purchase 5-pound bags of beans ($58.99) at Qi Natural Foods on Eglinton West. Smaller-sized bags are available, and I've seen them at the Big Carrot. Just Us! is a Canadian-owned, co-op coffee roasting company.


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            I discovered Just Us! while staying in Halifax last summer and I am very excited that they will be opening 2 cafes in Toronto this spring! One on Queen E and one on Queen W.

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              Good for them! I hope this Canadian company-with-a-conscience does very well.