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Feb 17, 2007 12:29 PM

Brunch/lunch at the Mill St. Brew Pub

Just came back from eating there and I have to say it was definitely a hit with the whole family!

Both kids wanted the chicken fingers meal (off the kids' menu) and each really liked the coating, as well as the taste, of the chicken. And of course, they just inhaled the oreo cookies and chocolate ice cream for dessert! :D

Hubby had the prime rib burger with sweet potato fries on the side, instead of regular fries. Even though he specifically asked for the burger to be medium, it came out closer to medium-well. But despite that, he ate the whole thing. Wasn't impressed with the cole slaw though.

I ordered the Vegetarian Omelette, which is made with 3 eggs, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, and brie cheese. Like my hubby, I also had the sweet potato fries, instead of the home fries it usually comes with. The omelette was perfectly to my liking. Even hubby agreed that it was very good. It's a rare day that I actually finish a 3 egg omelette, but today was an exception. I cleaned my plate!

The sweet potato fries were a hit with the whole family and I really liked the mayo dip it came with.

For drinks, I had the Helles Bock, which I thought had a strong aftertaste with the first couple of sips but went down well once the food arrived. Hubby had the raspberry Fruit Beer, which was pleasant. While waiting for the food to arrive, he wandered over to the retail shop and tried the organic Lager, of which he ended up buying a couple of cases on the way out. Me, I tried the Balzac's Coffee Porter because it sounded intriguing and I really liked it. You really get the essence of the roasted coffee and a hint of chocolate.

Now, the reason why I was so set on coming here for brunch is because a couple of days ago, I made a reservation for next Saturday. For a party of 12, to be exact. This was the final consensus on where to have hubby's birthday party. A lot of people didn't want the drive downtown and thought the Distillery District a nice location. The menu looked appealing and I'm happy to now know that this is a good choice for a little celebration. I'm pretty sure that he'll be pleased to go there again.

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  1. Oh good, glad you enjoyed it. I'll definetly have to check it out for brunch some time soon too, let us know how dinner goes too!

    1. It sounds like a nice place to take my in-laws for a casual brunch. Can someone tell me what the lighting and noise level is like. My father-in-law has vision and hearing problems so it can't be too dim or noisy.


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        I went on a sunday night so it wasn't packed, but there were still a good number of people there and the noise wasnt bad at all. The lighting if I recall was pretty bright, in a good way. So I think it would be appropriate for your father in law considering it was fairly quiet for a big place

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          Daytime lighting is lovely... lots of natural light. The music leaves a lot to be desired though... it can range to 80s nostalgia (think Men Without Hats) to Queen. Just be forwarned that the music can be annoying. That having been said, it's a hundred times better than most bar-type establishments.

          1. re: Lotus Seedling

            Funny that you mention the '80s music...while we were eating, 'Eternal Flame' by the Bangles came on and hubby & I burst out laughing. When daughter looked at us quizzically, I explained that it was "mummy and daddy's song". And yes, we know how hokey the song is now, lol!

            The lighting in the early afternoon was nice and bright. I really liked the decor in there, especially the light fixtures. However, on a cold day, I don't suggest sitting by the entrance. We got chilled everytime someone walked in. Fortunately, for our large group this Saturday, I was told they'd be seating us in the back corner which looked nice and cozy plus they had partitions.

        2. you got a raspberry beer??

          everytime i go there and someone tries to order the fruitbeer they keep saying it's not available until spring.

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          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            That's probably the same person who told me that the Helles wasn't available because it was a summer beer (this was in December or January.) My girlfriend had the raspberry beer last week. Quite tasty and far better than KLB Raspberry Wheat.

          2. We went last weekend for brunch. I was impressed & excited that they had so many beers listed besides the ones available at the beer store. But I thought my extra special bitter was just okay, very reminiscent of the Tank House Ale without the bitter finish (I love the Tank House so I did like the ESB, it just wasn't different enough to excite me). My husband got the pilsner and we liked it. Made imported Urquell taste skunky.

            We like the food. It's pub food, but done well. I was impressed by my beer-broth mussels with chorizo, and small cone of fries with mayo. For $8.95! It was a good serving, lots of chorizo, great broth that I ate with a spoon (could have used some bread, and the waitress never really showed up to ask us how our meals were - my only fault with the place). My husband had eggs benny, he liked them but he's not fussy. My daughter's pancakes were unexpectedly both thicker and fluffier than standard restaurant pancakes. They were off the kids menu.
            For dessert we ordered the chocolate porter cake. I was impressed. It was definitely cake, not a brownie or flourless. But good chocolate flavour and unlike most restaurant desserts, the flavour only grew on me as I ate (usually I love the first bit and it's all downhill from there. In this case I am inspired to find a similar recipe). It was a huge serving more than enough for two, with whipped cream (canned unfortunately) and cherry preserves (decent quality). Not fine dining quality but agaim, great for a pub.

            The atmosphere, well it is kid-friendly, and there are TVs all over the place. High ceilings, pretty big space, and they were getting pretty busy by the time we left around 1pm.