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Feb 17, 2007 12:16 PM

Bread & Cie (San Diego)

Hey Josh, thanks for the recommendation on Bread & Cie for sandwiches. I just got back and it was excellent! I got the black forest ham and my friends got the curried chicken salad and the tuna. All three were great -- best bread I've had in SD and all te other ingredients were great as well. I can't believe I've walked past that place so many times without checking it out.

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  1. Bread et Cie is that rare place with terrific bread and some very good desserts as well. Try their lemon tarte and their molten chocolate cake.

    They remind me of Marvelous market, mark Furstenberg's first place in Washington DC for their spirit and quality. That is high praise IMHO since thomas Keller brought Mark in to do his bakery setup..

    1. They have the best cinnamon rolls too and their corn mean scones are some of the best around.

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        But without a doubt, the best scones are Rebecca's in Southpark. Get there early in the morning and you might get them hot, straight out of the oven with a very decent cup of Caffe Calbria coffee!

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          Second the Scottish scones at Rebecca's

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            Rebecca's scones are the best in San Diego.

        2. re: Wino

          I enjoy the cinnamon rolls too. Next time ask them to panini it. The sugar caramelizes around the edges, it's so good IMO

        3. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I second oeno's recommendation for trying the desserts.

          1. Rebecca's has great jam that they serve with their scones too.

            However, do not get your hopes up a head of time, they are good because they make then in small batches. I have been there on a Sunday and they replenish, their stocks and they have people put their names on a list.

            I have heard that only Rebecca herself makes them, but that could be an urban myth.

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            1. re: normalheightsfoodie

              Yeah their scones and homemade jam rock.

              1. re: Josh

                They had a sign up for chocolate/cherry (maybe strawberry) scones for valentines day that you could special order. I wonder if those were as amazing as they sounded.

            2. Are all of these comments about Rebecca's or Bread and Cie? Rebeccas scones are good, but it's frustrating when you go there and they are out, or they tell you it will be another thirty minutes until they are ready to serve. I gave up on making the special trip after this happened to me three or four times. I do think she makes them herself - she is usually in the kitchen.

              Bread and Cie's scones are very good, and they have lots of other options as well. It just kills me that their pastries are the size of your head though!

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              1. re: Alice Q

                That's funny about Bread and Cie's pastries because my one (very small) complaint about their sandwiches is that they were kind of small. They were so good it didn't matter to me though.

                1. re: mangiatore

                  A good deal for lunch there is the lunch box. You get a sandwich, bread chips, and a slice of lemon cake.

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                  My comment was about Rebecca's. They have always been willing to hold one or two aside for us (if the upcoming batch isn't already claimed), so if we are going for specifically for scones we call before we go over. I have been stopping by after work, on my way to class on weekdays (between 5-6pm), and they have usually have had scones.

                  1. re: JRSD

                    Sure sounds like a lot of work for a scone! :)