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Feb 17, 2007 11:58 AM

Margaritas in the EV

Does anyone know of any decent inexpensive Mexican places in the East Village, where a few thirtysomthing gals can hang out, have a few drinks and eat some tasty food? I'm craving guacomole and margaritas, but low on funds.

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    1. re: jsmitty

      i had a great night at mercadito, but i will say if one is low on funds this might not be the best choice. i remember the bill coming out to about 40 or 50 dollars each, and we had about two drinks each and shared some guac and tacos...

    2. Can't beat Mary Anne's for cheap Mex food and margaritas. 2nd Ave and 5th Street.

      1. Paladar (on the LES) has some tasty margaritas.

          1. Benny's Burritos near Tompkins Square Park. They even take ccards now. Student prices, big portions. I like Barrio Chino on LES but their cocktails are overpriced. Their Huevos Rancheros are good.