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CPK, Other entrees besides Pizza

Just had lunch @ the California Pizza Kitchen,(Scottsdale, AZ) they took my favorite Peking Duck Pizza off the menu so I thought I would try something other than Pizza and went for the Thai Curry Noodles...
WOW....I was impressed! For a chain restaurant the Coconut/Curry Sauce w/ the crisp Veggies and the al dente noodles were amazing.....
I think I found my new favorite dish @ CPK

Has anyone slse tried any of the other entrees?
I noticed they now have Chicken Piccata......

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  1. Believe it or not, their salads are really good. We usually order two, and they put half of each salad on our plates, so sharing is that much simpler. Very good. Better than their pizzas, that's what I think.

    1. I like the salads better than the pizza too.

      1. chicken waldorf, thai, pear/walnut, bbq chicken, and tricolore are good salads there. we also like to order the spring roll and dumpling appetizers. desserts...the warm belgian souffle with lotss of vanilla bean sauce, and tiramisu drowned in vanilla bean sauce.

        1. Their salads are great. I haven't tried anything else - I either go there in the mood for pizza or salad and they're pretty reliable for both. Though there are a few soups on the menu that beckon ...

          1. They have a really yummy chicken cesaer sandwich that comes with equally yummy asian cole slaw.

            1. my Korean, kimchi-loving dad has occasional cravings for CPK's Jambalaya. I like their BBQ chicken salad.

              1. I love the Barbecue chicken chopped salad. I mean, I like the pizza, but I wouldn't seek out CPK for the pizza. But I'll go out of my way for that salad.

                1. They have GREAT salads. I especially love the Thai Crunch Salad and the Grilled Veggie Salad with grilled chicken! Also, the tricolor salad which is like salad on crispy flat bread is awesome!!

                  1. I agree with the original poster. Those green curry noodles are kick-ass!

                    1. The soups, especially the Dakota Smashed Pea, are excellent. Paired with a half salad, they make a good light meal.

                      1. love their salads

                        tried the chicken milanesa- huge portion, pretty good, but served with an arugula salad and checca ON TOP (ask for it on the side)

                        I also like the chicken tequila pasta that has been on the menu for decades!!!!

                        and the tortilla soup is tasty- if a bit thick and cornstarch-y

                        1. try the asian chicken salad ( i get it sans chicken, and where I go they'll sub in tofu.)

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                            wow they sub in tofu? thats good to know!

                          2. ya -- and they make it nice and crispy! but that's in dc, where i'm from -- I don't know about elsewhere, and I've never tried in New York (my now home).

                            1. For those that like the CPK salads ... isn't it just the same toppings from the pizzas but tossed with greens (instead of placed on a pizza crust)?

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                                No, that's only the tricolore salad. Others, like the mixed greens with pears, cheese, and walnuts, or the waldorf with grapes, cheese, nuts, apples, chicken, are salads of their own.

                              2. The Waldorf is the only reason I go - they tend to slather on the dressing, though, so ask for it lightly dressed unless you prefer lots of it. Such a great salad...I actually haven't tried any of their pizzas and I've been there many times. Granted most of the time I am dragged by well-meaning friends, but sometimes I do get a Waldorf craving...

                                1. I really like their hummus, split pea soup, tortilla soup and portabello ravioli with red sauce.

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                                    Hi, HeatherFL, again! Isn't it amazing people don't know about CPK's ravioli!

                                    Second the hummus and ravioli. Their best dish is Portobello Mushroom Ravioli in cream sauce! Better than at most Italian restaurants. Tricolore Salad Pizza (it's a pizza rather than a salad) is also fantastic (once you eat it, you can't go back to a regular pizza). Their Tuscan Hummus is not authentic Arabic or Greek hummus, but it's damn good!

                                  2. As so many have stated, I too love their salads, but I usually have a craving for their soup and do the two in a bowl with the barley pea and one of the other two depending on my mood.

                                    1. Ironically, I think pizzas are kind of a weak point for CPK, except I do like the spinach, fontina, and bacon one. I love their salads as already stated, but I haven't seen their Jambalaya Pasta mentioned, which is quite tasty, too. You wouldn't expect it to be in a place like that, but there you have it. I'll have to give their Thai Curry Noodles a shot now.

                                      1. Hi kuidaroe! So true. I love that ravioli. I just had it the other day LOL!

                                        1. I've liked just about everything I've tried there. My favorite pasta dish is the Kung-Pao Spaghetti. It's wonderful. I also really like the BBQ Chicken Salad. It takes me forever to decide what to order because I've really enjoyed just about everything.

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                                            The Waldorf is my fave with the dijon dressing. My daughters love the carne asada pizza.