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Feb 17, 2007 10:42 AM

Calistoga recommendations for dinner?

Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary,staying at Indian Springs in Calisoga.We want to eat either in Calisoga or very near.Any recommendations?We like all (yummy tasting types)foods.Is Wappo Bistro still as good as it was 2-3 years ago?Any other recommendations?

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  1. You can't go wrong at Brannan's. I had a wonderful meal there back in August.
    I can't speak for Wappo Bistro.

    1. I second the Brannon's rec- we eat there every time we go. For breakfast, I like the Sarafornia cafe.

      1. I'm a local and love Wappo, and prefer it to Brannan's (the most recent meal I had there was so-so, and wasn't cheap). I love the sirloin burgers at Flatiron, breakfasts at Sarafornia, fajitas at Pacifico. Have had quite good food at Calistoga Inn also. For my money, I love Wappo.
        See my previous post at
        Have fun and good luck. Calistoga is such a sweet little town

        1. Stayed the weekend in Calistoga two weeks ago and tried Wappo and BarVino in the same day (Friday).

          Wappo was overall very good. The chile relleno en nogado was the highlight and a duck confit was also great. After a butternut squash soup, my girlfriend had the osso bucco with risotto and wasn't as happy with her main, but that's likely mostly due to the unexceptional risotto. I liked that they had a particularly large number of half (375ml) bottles on the wine list. I'd definitely recommend it and would go again.

          BarVino is a small plates / wine bar concept that's best for the wine. Admittedly, we didn't try much of the food. What we had was good if meagerly portioned. The wine selection is quite good and it's all available in tastes, so it's a good way to sample good stuff around the Napa Valley.

          For the rest of our dining, we went down to St. Helena, to Martini House for our Saturday dinner (the 5-course tasting menu was balanced and well worth it) and Taylor's Refresher for Sunday lunch (great place!).