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Feb 17, 2007 10:17 AM

Carriacou for Carnival

We're heading down to Carriacou for Carnival tomorrow. I've got the cruising guide and the lonely planet recommendations, but was looking for some hound advice on where to eat and which rum shops to visit.


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  1. oh my gosh, what a cool island stop. I loved Carriacou..we had breakfast at this beachfront place the name escapes was a day for me to...tell us what you find..if you can get saltfish and ducana grab it..have a blast...

    1. We ended up having to scrap our Carriacou plans due to a boat repair gone wrong. Now, after a week in the Cays we find ourselves in Grenada. I need to do some research on the board to figure out where to eat while we are here. I've enjoyed your posts on the Dutch islands, and am really looking forward to eating and provisioning on Curacao.

      1. Come to Bonaire to dine and chill a little ..we have some amazing restaurants.

        1. We're definitely stopping in Bonaire to check out your reefs, but I hadn't put much thought into the food. We're on a cruising sabbatical (ie, we're living off of savings for the next three years or so), so our eating budget is much tighter than the average tourist. We cook most meals on board, and when we do eat out, it tends to be snackish kind of stuff. For example, we're in Grenada now, digging the rotis, and I'm looking forward to trying the crab back at the market tomorrow morning and lambi anything at Boots next week. But once in a while, we splurge to enjoy a more pampered dining experience. If you had to choose just one sit down, more than $20US a person meal out in Bonaire, where would you recommend?

          1. Hello Debtslave,

            I love Mona Lisa, Bistro de Paris, Capriccio's for more than 20.00 USD pp.