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Feb 17, 2007 10:12 AM

Connie Vogelhut--Where is She Now?

Connie burst onto the B-more rest scene in the late 70s with Crabtree's on Charles St, doing ecellent bistro cooking. Later, she ran Pier 500 in Harbor View, and still later I heard she ran a catering service. Now neither this website nor Google picks her up.

When it opened, Crabtree was probably the best rest in Balto. A strong caveat there--the best if you went in mid-week when no one else was there. Connie was the first female celebrity chef in B-more, and one of the very few of either sex. Her gift seemed to lie in cooking rather than rest mgt; Pier 500 was certainly too large for her.

I hope we not lost her. Does anyone know where she is now?

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  1. Seems as if I heard somewhere that Connie V. was operating an upscale catering company in the Baltimore area, not real sure of the name but it may be Classic Catering.

    1. I guess she really has ddisaapeared. Sic transit gloria...

      1. I think it was Vogelsang, which she went back to after that dicey husband interlude but there are no Google matches.

        1. Vogelhut was her married name. I knew her in-laws at one time. I never heard of Vogelsang.

          1. She owns a catering company called:
            Catering by Crabtree
            and goes by Connie Crabtree