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Feb 17, 2007 09:27 AM

Oh Canada, where art thou?

Maybe it's just me or more hopefully, the topic's been broached before.
Why are the Canada boards so disjointed?

Examples? We have: Quebec (including Montreal), Ontario (including Toronto) & Canada, which has a subtitle of "outside of Ontario & Quebec". That's a grouping of three boards,
if you're counting. To which you might say; 'Hey, where's my West and West Central Provinces?" The answer is South 16 boards /countries to something called Western Canada , again subtitled: British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. I'm assuming, btw, The Yukon Territories are included here, as well.

So my anal-retentive questions are two-fold:
1) Why aren't all four (4) Canada boards grouped together?
2) Since the other three (3) boards cover ALL of Canada to the West; why isn't the Canada board entitled Eastern Canada or the even more cartographicly correct Atlantic Canada?

I know with the recent, major Chowhound site changes & fixes that the techies have been kept very busy. But these boards, in my mind at least, should have organized in this manner to begin with or at least early on. I wouldn't think these to be difficult tasks but, then again, I'm not an engineer.

Someone, anyone please?

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  1. My understanding, (and please someone with more knowledge jump in here) is that a major difficulty is how to correctly assign the thousands of archived posts from all the present boards to the new areas - if and when those new boards get done. Someone has to figure out how to put those old posts into the new areas, and that isn't simple or easy. The archived posts represent a treasure trove of knowledge and history, so to simply discard them is not a viable option.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Thanks for the reply Tony, my desire certainly is to make sure we don't loose ANY threads. Otherwise ,what would be the point of reorganizing them? But, there's always a but, how would that be valid regards the first and seemingly easiest of my questions.? Grouping all the Canada boards physically together shouldn't pose any problem. It's not like all the boards are in some kind of alphabetical order, they aren't.

      With regards to question two, and again I don't know squat about writing program, on neither board would you be collating anything from other boards. I mean, in my mind, it'would seem like renaming, i.e.; A ='s B and C ='s D. But hopefully we can get someone, unlike myself, who knows what they're talking about to reply to us.
      Thanks again for your input :-)

    2. This question has been asked before. See my post to see the moderator's reply, and their reply to someone else.

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      1. re: anonymoose

        Thanks for this. When I tried to do a search it was during the darkest days of the "new & improved" system. I got butkus. The first priority would be to filter by date. Hopefully, they can "annex" Western Canada shortly there after.