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Feb 17, 2007 09:18 AM

Going Away Party- renting a bar?

We want to throw a going away party for 2 very special people sometime in March. We are thinking about 30 people and want a fun place to drink some beers and have a good time. Any recs? We were thinking maybe Zum Schneider as I see they have a room. I'm not sure though. I have never thrown a party in the city before so any help would be great.

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  1. Beauty Bar on east 14th st rents out their back room. I believe the fee is $100 per hour, and even tho there's a bar back there, that fee doesn't guarantee that you'll actually get your own bartender. If I had chosen them for my fiance's birthday, I would have made it clear that the bartender for that room would have received a generous tip so that we'd have one. Anyway, it would be a good room for 30 - 50, there are a couple couches/chairs, and they are flexible about bringing in food. There's even a sound system to plug an ipod into... or your could bring your own dj.

    1. My friend had a birthday party and rented out the upstairs room at Moe Pitkins and it was really nice. It definitely feels private and there's a huge window looking out onto Ave A which was great. I don't know how much it cost though.

      1. Park Bar on 16th btween Union Square and 5th.

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          Thanks for the recs and keep them coming. I was wondering if you had a private party at Park Bar and how much it cost. Did you get the entire bar? That would honestly be perfect,

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            I have not done it but I know they do it routinely. The owner's name is Joe Regele.

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              I just called them and the man I spoke to said they don't rent it out. Could he be wrong--he seemed really unsure.

        2. Revival (15th and Irving) will rent out their upstairs lounge for free, if I'm not mistaken. It holds about 70 people and has lots of comfy couches. You have to go downstairs to get to the bar, but there's also a heated patio in the back for the smokers, and the music is usually great but also moderate enough to have a conversation without yelling over it. It's my favorite bar in Manhattan.

          1. How about Mannahatta? They have a couple of private rooms with a lounge-y, dare I say, hip, vibe.