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Feb 17, 2007 09:00 AM

Charlestown lunch ?

Any suggestios for lunch (maybe dinner too) in Charlestown? Will be there Monday. Nothing fancy or expensive. Something homey, simple and easy. Any style or nationality will do. I went through some old boards but nothing stood out. Some towns near by if necessary too. Thanks

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  1. Sorelle Cafe is good.
    People have raved about Hot off the Press.
    Depending on where you are, the North End is just a walk over the bridge. You could hit Regina's.

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      Thanks Joanie - these two places are exactly what I'm looking for. The chow goes on - CPC

    2. simple cheap lunch try the warren tavern. it's probably the oldest tavern in the state, and has nice historical vibe. regular pub grub. for dinner you can try tangeirino, or walk to the north end.