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Trenton, NJ [moved from PA board]

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I posted this query on the Tristate board and received no responses. But Trenton really is more the Philadelphia area than NYC, so I thought I'd post it here if that is OK and see if people more knowledgeable of the area might respond. THANKS! :

I will be in Trenton for a very short time, coming on the train and going to the capitol. I'm looking for a place to have lunch near the capitol or train station or en route walking between them. I like Indian, other Asian (except Japanese), Latin, Cuban, other Caribbean, Mideastern, Greek, German, and Eastern European food, also plain food like baked potatoes, grilled fish, steak, not to mention desserts like cobbler, ice cream, cookies. Please include address if known. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. As a former Trentonite, I only know that Di Lorenzo's, right across the street from the train station is still top drawer. Problem is that it is both very expensive, and tends to be very crowded. Best to telephone ahead to be sure of no sticker shock, and/or being turned away due to no reservation.

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      Just to clarify Carole. You meant Pete Lorenzos. A fairly pricey Steak house acroos the street from Train Station. (I'm a former Trentonite too. 35 years!).

      Not to be confused with either of the DElorenzos tomato pie places.

      Note that neither is walkable from train station and the better one (Hudson street- no restrooms) doesn't open until 4pm).

      Steve R

    2. Here is my recommendation... worth the trip I hear. De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies


      1. DiLorenzo Tomatoe Pies on Hudson St. Is great. They do not have a bathroom! Do not walk there from the train. You woud have to go through some questionable neighborhoods. Pizza is the only thing they have and they are not always open for lunch. The steakhouse they are talking about is Lorenzo's. It used to be good and is expensive. I also am a former Trentonian.

        1. Thanks, Mooshka. You are right of course: Lorenzo's is the name of the steakhouse directly across from the train station. I never had the $$$ to eat there during my Trenton days! For that matter, I never found my way to Di Lorenzo's Pizza Pies either, except that in general pizza pies in Trenton were superb 50-60 years ago.

          1. Is it safe to walk from the train station to the capitol? Is Di Lorenze Tomato Pies near the capitol?

            Otherwise, Lorenzo's sounds fine; though expensive, they seem to have a lunch menu with some sandwiches.

            1. It's probably safe in the daytime, but it is one heck of a long walk. Better to take just about any bus in front of the train station into the Capitol area.

              De Lorenzos is not walking distance from the station.And, there isn't anywhere else to eat right near the station. And I have no idea what lunch spots near the Capitol.

              1. Saw your posting yesterday and didn't have time to reply (needed to think about restaurants) but I had to get back on to say not to walk from the train station to the Capitol area. Take a bus as suggested above or a cab. Yes, it is Pete Lorenzo's across from the train station. I have had good steaks there in the past but within the last two years, I only had a salad at the bar once while waiting to pick up someone at the station. There are still a few good restaurants in the Chambersburg section but you would have to take a cab both ways. Amici Milano at 600 Chestnut comes to mind as does Sal DeForte's at Fulton & Roebling Avenues. Sorry I can't help you with the Capitol area. I believe the Marriott is the place of choice around there but having access to a car I always went elsewhere.

                1. Malaga is Spanish, and most people seem to like it quite a bit. It's been a while since I've eaten there, so I can't exactly vouch for it. However, friends I sent there a year ago were delighted with it. It's not near the train station though, so you would have to take a cab. If you are going to be near the capitol and decide on bar food, you cannot do better than a burger and fries at Joe's Mill Hill Saloon (though frankly I haven't been impressed by some of their other dishes). It may be crowded as it is a favorite spot for state workers.

                  I think there is also another restaurant recently reviewed called Settimo Cielo that serves Italian food. It recently received positive reviews in the local paper and is located on Front Street. It may be nice to try.

                  Marsilio's is located in Chambersburg, I believe, and it would be one of the places to go for a classic Italian meal in the 'Burg from what I can tell--everyone seems to like it. I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet. I liked Amici Milano when I ate there a couple years ago, but my cousin was there last week and wasn't that impressed (it was satisfactory but expensive, in her opinion).

                  My only caveat is to call ahead to these places (except for the Mill Hill) to confirm that they are open for lunch before you decide on one.

                  1. If you're looking for the least amount of hassle since you will not have a car, I'd go with the suggestions for Pete Lorenzo's across from the train station. For lunch, a soup (which are usually very good) and a steak sandwich are solid bets, although pricey as mentioned. The capitol area is virtually devoid of any Chowish spots. The suggestion above for Joe's Mill House is good if you are in the mood for a burger or other pub type food ... its definitely within walking distance. Unless you're willing to cab around to a better dining destination, these are probably your best bets. The problem with cabbing it around in Trenton is that its not the type of city where you're likely to just find a cab. In fact, other than outside the train station, you may have a difficult time finding a cab to return to the train station from the capitol buildings. Make sure to get the cab company's telephone number as you may need to call for a pick up.

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                      Well, I made it to Trenton and lunched at Lorenzo's. It was a hot day so I had the crabcake sandwich. Very disappointing foodwise, though the place was nice, location convenient, and staff very nice.