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Where do you go for Polish food?

I'm really disappointed that Kyj's closed their bakery in the Springfield shopping center. Sure they're Ulranian, but my Polish family grew up eating their babka and pierogi.

* I think the bagel/pierogi place in the Booth's Corners farmer's market is pretty so-so.

* I ate in the center city Polish place years ago and liked it, but not enough to merit a special trip.

* I know there's place - Maria's? - in Grays Ferry or someplace off 95 in North-ish Philly, but I haven't been.

* I _adore_ Czerw's (kielbasy place) - I've been going since I was a kid, but usually now I only go for Easter. It's really a haul from the western suburbs.

Czerw's Kielbasy* 3370 Tilton Street * Philadelphia, PA 19134 * 215-423-1707

Is that pretty much all there is? Any other suggestions? Starting to think I have to learn to cook Polish if I want some, huh? I wonder if there's anyplace in Manayunk/Roxboro, or Bridgeport or Conshohocken? Seems to me there are enough Polish neighboorhoods that there really should be.

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  1. in late july, the homemake polish food at sacred heart church in is great (order extra golumpki or you'll end up waiting line twice). in the meantime, the cafeteria at our lady of czestochowa shrine in doylestown is open on sundays with nice homemake-style polish food.

    1. Syrenka's on 3173 Richmond in Port Richmond. Awesome rogies. Old school. Clean and cheap. Around the corner is Baltic Bakery too.

      1. Across from Syrenka's is Krakus Market which includes a cheap but good luncheonette. Even if it's a haul to get to Port Richmond, you can stock up on frozen golobki and pierogies, along with kielbasa, pickled goods, breads, cookies and dry goods. Go for a meal, and take home weeks worth of treats!
        Also, around the corner and a couple blocks closer on Allegheny is Julia's bakery. Lovely for a pastry and cup of coffee in a quaint cafe setting.
        What I would give to live nearby so I could pick up Pazcki from Baltic Bakery tommorow!

        1. My people! I knew you wouldn't disappoint! So, Port Richmond is pretty much the thing, then. I *so* appreciate the redommendations!

          Okay, I've been to OLC (natch) but not since I was a kidlet. Good thought.

          But Sacred Heart Church -- not to be dense, but which one? In the city? Thanks in advance!

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            sorry. forgot ciyt in post. old board allowed to proof read before post. new board saves a click:


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              It's one of the ethnic church festivals in Bridgeport every summer - Italian, Polish and Slovak.

              If there's a full-time restaurant in that area, I haven't found it yet.

            1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the pierogie place off Henry, especially since Mawrtr specifically asked about Manayunk/Roxboro. It's a small take out place a couple of doors in on a side street from Henry, near the ballpark and the cheesesteak places. There's a sign visible from Henry, on the left side heading west from the city, so it's easy to find.

              Besides perogies, they have frozen trays of a half dozen huge "golubkis", which are reasonable and quite good, although they were a bit salty for me the last batch I tried. Or perhaps they are "galumpkis" on this side of town. I hear the spelling is an east-west thing! In my family, we called them stuffed cabbage!

              BTW, has anyone been to Theresa's Polish Buffet in Port Richmond?

              1. Thank you so much for all these great ideas! Thanks, Piney & Jzerocsk for clarifying baout the church. When I clicked the link and saw the image of the BVM as the "Black Madonna," I knew it was a Polish parish for sure.

                Theresa's! *That's* what I meant when I was mentioning the place I thought was called "Maria's". If you notice, I also got the neighborhood wrong in the OP. Not exactly my stomping grounds, but I'm willing to extend myself.

                I should also mention that there are still several locations of Kyj's Bakery in DelCo - and to me, they are the best. Pierogis, bapka, cruischiki - that's my go-to place.

                Kyj's Bakery
                23 East Brookhaven Road, Brookhaven, PA 19015
                (610) 874-4355

                Kyj's Bakery
                3372 Chichester Avenue, Marcus Hook, PA 19061
                (610) 494-1962

                Kyj's Bakery
                2702 West 3rd Street, Chester, PA 19013
                (610) 494-9400

                I don't know how this would be written since I speak no Polish, but I grew up hearing it pronounced "gawumpkes".

                1. Alas, I think Teresa's Polish Kitchen in Port Richmond is no more....

                  'Pierogie Kitchen' is in Roxborough...across from Murphys Tavern...just up from D'Allesandros

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                    Never been to Pierogie Kitchen, though had been to Teresa's (average). I like mama's. You might consider popping into any of a number of Ukrainian or Polish churches spatterred throughout the city, maybe saturday afternoon's or Sunday's after morning masses. It is my experience that mant will sell frozen pierogies made by the parishioners. at worst, you'll like ly have someone direct you to where you can get some.

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                      Good thought about checking out the parishes. If only St. Hedwig's still existed... Anyway, what/where is this "Mama's" you mention? TIA!

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                        that my mama :)

                        try some churches...I know for a fact that several of the Ukrainian parishes sell them.

                        Also try Bell's Market on Bustleton Ave in the NE...slavic market...they sell all manner of pierogies...for that matter its an entire slavic supermarket (as well as prepared goods...

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                          Oooh! Love all these ideas! I had actually heard there was some good Eastern European food action going on in certain Northeast neighborhoods, but since I don't know the NE at all, that idea never really got off the gorund for me. Yay! Now I have a clue!

                          Now, about mama's... would she like to adopt? I come with a son-in-law and a grandson. I have excellent manners, help in the kitchen and lift heavy objects. I don't do passive-aggressive, but I will listen to the same story over and over.

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                            I'll work on mama...

                            Meanwhile... off to Bell's market with you....

                  2. Okay - I'm disappointed about Teresa's, but I could KISS you for the Pierogie Kitchen in Roxboro tip. The chances of me getting there without getting lost are light years better than anywhere in Port Richmond. Have you been?

                    1. I have been going to Syrenka for years. Last time I was there, the Krakus Market was shuttered. It looked pretty dead.
                      Syrenka is very easy to get to: take 95 north from the city to the Allegheny Ave. exit, left off the ramp and left at the light, drive south for 1.2 blocks and there is Syrenka on the left. Excellent food there. Making me want to hop right in the car.

                      1. The Pierogi Kitchen's pierogis are pre-cooked, so about the only option you have is too let them thaw and sautée in butter. Nothing wrong with that (especially with some fried onions and sour cream.) The dough is gossamer thin which makes for a delicious but fragile pierogi.
                        Potato and cheese filling was quite good.

                        At my house we make the dough just a TAD thicker (with source cream IN the dough to keep them tender.) That way we can boil them and eat them with just a TAD less butter .....

                        1. Keep talking! I so appreciate the ideas, the updates.... and now here's one from me.

                          I go to the Phoenixville Winter Market most months. Today Wills Valley brought PIEROGI! Needless to say, I bought some (potato) and ate it for lunch. (They also had saurkraut, but I'm not as into sauerkraut.) It was not as good as Kyj's, but certainly very good.

                          Here's the info - they go to other farmer's markets, too, like the one in Swarthmore. Looks like they go to a winter market at Clark Park, too.

                          Wills Valley Farm
                          379 Dunkels Church Road
                          Kutztown, PA 19530-9189
                          Ph: 610-683-5540
                          Email: tbock@verizon.net
                          Web: www.willsvalley.com

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                            FYI - For those of you who are into sauerkraut (and if you're looking for Polish/Ukrainian food, I'm assuming many of you are), the Wills Valley naturally fermented sauerkraut is TO DIE FOR. It is a completely different beast than the sad and watery bagged sauerkrauts you find in the supermarket -- Wills Valley's is much dryer, on the crunchy side, and with a fabulous tang only natural fermentation will give you. None of this vinegar crap -- ingredients are (1) cabbage, and (2) salt. Mmmm.

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                              Went to Syrenka's and the Kraukaus market today. Potatoe pancakes excellent. Worth the trip

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                                Love it, WF - thanks for bringing this thread back to life!

                                Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia, PA

                                Kraukaus Market
                                Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia, PA

                          2. There's a russian church (I think) on Rt. 352 in West Chester near the Haunted Hayride place, same side of the road. Just south of Rt. 3. They have excellent homemade pierogies but only on 2 days a week 610-459-5219 to call and they'll do special orders too.

                            1. The New Wave Cafe in Port Richmond (not related in anyway to the New Wave in S. Philly). Very interesting place. Polish Restaurant/ Night Club/ Alien Art Gallery. No kidding.
                              It's very Polish. Polish speaking customers, bartenders, servers. Bar has Polish spirits and beer. the pierogi's were excellent, borsch (sp?) was awesome and we got some pork dish that was really good , forget the name of it though. My friend (of Polish decent) really enjoyed his meal, said that it was very authentic, had conversation with the bartender and other patrons at the bar (in Polish). Later in the evenings (weekend) they clear the main floor and they have this DJ who comes and spins circa1988 quirky New Wave Eurotrash dance music. Very surreal. Esp. with the paintings of aliens hanging from the walls around the establishment. This is how it was when i went there last year. May have changed? ANyone been there recently??? Plan to go back soon. Craving Pierogis!


                              2620 E. Allegheny Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19134

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                                "The New Wave Cafe in Port Richmond (not related in anyway to the New Wave in S. Philly)." <-- I have been wondering about that ever since I heard that there was a NWCin Port Richmond. Very, very funny. Love the detailed review.

                              2. Kyj's has some of the best Pierogis. I'm not just saying this because I have a cousin that works at the Chester location. We've been going to Kyj's for a long time. Still have family in town.

                                1. If you are looking for polish baked good like babka there is a bakery in Wilmington DE not to far from the border of PA and if your are from the Springfield and media area anyway you are used to crossing going DE for things anyway. It is worth the drive Krystyna's Polish Bakery
                                  32 Carpenter Plz Wilmington, DE 19810 and as far as you mention Kyj's bakery Im not sure if they are the same owners as when you where growing up but there is one on Brookhaven Rd, 23 E Brookhaven Rd, Brookhaven, PA 19015

                                  Chester, Chester, PA