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Feb 17, 2007 08:40 AM

Where do you go for Polish food?

I'm really disappointed that Kyj's closed their bakery in the Springfield shopping center. Sure they're Ulranian, but my Polish family grew up eating their babka and pierogi.

* I think the bagel/pierogi place in the Booth's Corners farmer's market is pretty so-so.

* I ate in the center city Polish place years ago and liked it, but not enough to merit a special trip.

* I know there's place - Maria's? - in Grays Ferry or someplace off 95 in North-ish Philly, but I haven't been.

* I _adore_ Czerw's (kielbasy place) - I've been going since I was a kid, but usually now I only go for Easter. It's really a haul from the western suburbs.

Czerw's Kielbasy* 3370 Tilton Street * Philadelphia, PA 19134 * 215-423-1707

Is that pretty much all there is? Any other suggestions? Starting to think I have to learn to cook Polish if I want some, huh? I wonder if there's anyplace in Manayunk/Roxboro, or Bridgeport or Conshohocken? Seems to me there are enough Polish neighboorhoods that there really should be.

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  1. in late july, the homemake polish food at sacred heart church in is great (order extra golumpki or you'll end up waiting line twice). in the meantime, the cafeteria at our lady of czestochowa shrine in doylestown is open on sundays with nice homemake-style polish food.

    1. Syrenka's on 3173 Richmond in Port Richmond. Awesome rogies. Old school. Clean and cheap. Around the corner is Baltic Bakery too.

      1. Across from Syrenka's is Krakus Market which includes a cheap but good luncheonette. Even if it's a haul to get to Port Richmond, you can stock up on frozen golobki and pierogies, along with kielbasa, pickled goods, breads, cookies and dry goods. Go for a meal, and take home weeks worth of treats!
        Also, around the corner and a couple blocks closer on Allegheny is Julia's bakery. Lovely for a pastry and cup of coffee in a quaint cafe setting.
        What I would give to live nearby so I could pick up Pazcki from Baltic Bakery tommorow!

        1. My people! I knew you wouldn't disappoint! So, Port Richmond is pretty much the thing, then. I *so* appreciate the redommendations!

          Okay, I've been to OLC (natch) but not since I was a kidlet. Good thought.

          But Sacred Heart Church -- not to be dense, but which one? In the city? Thanks in advance!

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            sorry. forgot ciyt in post. old board allowed to proof read before post. new board saves a click:


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              It's one of the ethnic church festivals in Bridgeport every summer - Italian, Polish and Slovak.

              If there's a full-time restaurant in that area, I haven't found it yet.