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Feb 17, 2007 08:09 AM

Good Seafood in Santa Barbara?

I'm heading up to Santa Barbara for the night, and am looking for good seafood. I did a search here, but most of theposts are pretty old. We're looking for something near the main State street area, if possibe. We both like steamed shrimp, mussels, etc...stuff like that. Any ideas?

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  1. Santa Barbara Shellfish Company at the very end of the pier. Walk past all the huge tourist traps. Right before the very end of the pier will be a little restaurunt with huge tanks in the windows. Tiny but they have beer on tap and wine by the glass. It will be crowded, please don't let that deter you best seafood in SB. If they have a special it is probably something they just got off their fishing boats, try it! We had pink shrimp boiled in beer for lunch that were so good we went back the same day and had them for dinner.

    1. If you're a fan of clam chowder though, you would do well to visit Brophy Brothers in the harbor. The small menu is very good: baked clams, calamari, oysters rockefeller, etc...The place is always crowded, but the downstairs will often have a table free when upstairs is loud and packed.