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Feb 17, 2007 07:53 AM

Good meal near Marais

I'm looking for a good meal (ideally not more than 80 Euros pp inc half bottle of wine). I've heard benoit is good. Any recommendations?

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  1. try caruso's italian saint antoine and near place des vosges. Bofinger is a very traditional bistro..though a lot of chowhounders will round me for suggesting it.
    a little further out---Chez Paul Bert.

    1. I highly recommend L'Endroit on rue des Tournelles. About three months ago we looked at the menu at Bofinger, Chez Janou (which we enjoyed the next day) and Baracane (or whatever its new name is) before opting for L'Endroit. The food was inventive (especially the scallop tartar), the wine selection and prices were excellent, and the service could not have been better. We ate at Le Relais Louis XIII for about 4 times the price the following night. And while we enjoyed the event, my wife and I decided that L'Endroit was our top choice of all the places in Paris we have been in the last 3 years.

      1. Benoit is good , and may fit in the budget if you stick with the set menu.

        Nice decor, professional service and some interesting dishes - I love the dish with layers of veal tongue, interlaced with foie gras, served on a bed of puy lentils.

        I tend to go there on Sunday lunch after a trip to the market. However, after a couple of aperitifs, a half of riesling and a good bottle burgundy the bill creeps up - but it is great fun and beats yet another gallery....!

        1. We were in France two weeks ago and had a terrific meal at Le Hangar, which is at 12 impasse Berthaud, just on the Marais side of the Pompidou Centre. It was about 70 E a person with wine for three courses, and the food was lovely and fresh and we were the only table speaking English, which was great!