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Feb 17, 2007 07:50 AM

Near El Monte airport

Hey all,

We are based in San Diego and are lucky enough to be able to fly our little airplane to our food fixes. We've just discovered that El Monte Airport is excellently situated to the San Gabrial Valley food scene (airport is on Santa Anita). We flew in for Din Tai Fung last weekend (4 mile cab ride from the airport) . And yesterday we hit Lu Din Gee for the duck (a 3.5 mile cab ride) (I'll post reviews asap). Both cost us around 15 dollars each way, so that is about the radius we are probably comfortable with.

Oh what fun, so many restaurants, so many reasons to fly. So, food friends, say you had access to a five mile radius of restaurants around El Monte Airport. Where besides Din Tai Fung and Lu Din Gee would you wander and what would you get?


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  1. What about Bahooka on Rosemead Blvd (right where Lower Azusa Road Ends)

    1. Dumpling House on Rosemead across the street from the Hometown Buffet/ K-Mart. Be sure to get their scallion pancakes.

      1. Full House in Arcadia for dim sum off of Golden West and Duarte.
        Dumpling 10053 for super dumplings in El Monte on Valley Blvd. and Baldwin (it's really close to the airport).
        Tasty Garden in Arcadia on Duarte/Baldwin for Cantonese rice casserole w/ sausage and other HK style food.
        888 for dim sum (it's in the plaza across of Lu Din Gee)
        Chang's Garden in Arcadia on Duarte/Baldwin in plaza behind Din Tai Fung for Northern cuisine.

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          Oh my goodness. Are these those little buns they sell at the markets in Taipei - like gyoza except juicer with a cha siu bao bun? I still have dreams about them. We will definitely be going.

        2. Noodle House in Arcadia. It's a Taiwanese hole in the wall. Happened to stop in w/ fellow hound Mattapoisett in LA, and ate phenomenally well for cheap.

          This photo shows a steamed pork bun that's pan fried: the bastard child of gyoza and cha siu bao. We both liked the smoked cold chicken dish, too. Sorry to be brief in my desciption tonight...

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            Excellent idea. I shouldn't have limited it. Please, please, any ideas near any LA airports. We have often frequented Hawthorne and Torrance airports. They are fantastic airports with really nice controllers. Also, I enjoy your blog.


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              Ooops. Showing myself to be a new format newbie. Used to post in San Diego before the new format and before San Diego's Chowhound slowed down so much. Thank you for the info on the pork bun. Did a little more research, and it does appear to be that awesome dumpling we used to get in the markets in Taipei. Will definitely be making that trip. And, I do like your blog.


            2. Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but both Torrance and Hawthorne airports get you pretty close to some delicious grub too.

              If you're in the mood for a truly great $100 hamburger, B & R's Old Fashion Burgers is about 3 miles from HHR.

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              1. re: B Minus

                Excellent idea. Sorry I attributed it to another in my post. We will be expanding our search.


                1. re: llbcsbiggs

                  No worries,

                  Two of my favs near HHR are Al-Noor and Al-Watan (both Pakistani).


                  In my opinion Al-Watan has the better Tandori and Nehari, but Al-Noor is better at just about everything else. My work-mates and I have been eating there once or twice a week for 5+ years, and never get tired of it. Their Nuratan Qorma is like crack, once you've tried it you'll always need it. Also try the (forgive my spelling) Palak Paneer, Chicken Jal-Farizi, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Quorma, Nehari, and/ or Aloo Quema.

                  This site is not helping me lose weight!

                  15112 Inglewood Ave
                  Lawndale, CA 90260

                  13619 Inglewood Ave
                  Hawthorne, CA 90250-5610