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Feb 17, 2007 07:44 AM

Malaysian/Singaporean food Dallas

Are there any restaurants in Dallas that serve decent Malaysian or Singaporean food? I tried searching the web with no luck. Thanks!

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  1. I have been searching as well, but haven't found anything either. Craving some boiled chicken and rice?

    1. There was a great Malaysian place on 635 many years ago, but they went away never to be seen again. I know of any place still open.

      1. Fortunately, there is a Singaporean restaurant on Parker and Custer near Plano DMV. It's called Lion City Cafe. This is the closest to Malaysian food you can get in Dallas nowadays since Penang closed down :(

        The food is okay as I'm desperate for any hometown food. Try their giant curry puffs!

        Boiled chicken and rice = Hainanese chicken rice. It's served there at Lion City.

        One more thing, they only take cash.

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          thak you, thank you, thank you. why is that the restaurants that only take cash always end up having tastier food?


          Lion City Chinese Cafe
          2109 W. Parker Rd. ste. 210
          Plano, TX 75023
          972. 867. 8803
          closed mon and tues.

          i asked what time they were closing today (sunday) and he replied, "around 3. maybe 4 or 5."
          open till 9 on wed thur fri sat

        2. Terimakasih! I will definitely try it.

          1. Only cash? They used to take credit a few years ago when I frequented the place. Not fancy at all, but a great selection of Singapore-style dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. Service is iffy, as the place is family run, if they're busy you're probably going to have to wait a bit. The food is definitely worth the wait, and prices are low. I used to enjoy the Mee Goreng.

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            1. re: intence

              Is Lion City Cafe still open? I have been trying to the phone number just now (Sunday afternoon) and no answer. I am really craving Malaysian but would hate to drive all the way down to Plano and see it closed.

              1. re: nitlsu

                It is still open. I was there a couple of days ago for lunch and it was packed. You do definitely have to phone ahead, though. I had tried going there a few days earlier and they were closed. Thanks to those who recommended it. I really enjoyed my mee goreng, belacan kangkong and chili crab!

                1. re: rempah

                  Lion City is good but the service is horrible. The owners must know they are the only Singaporean restaurant around and thus make no effort to please their customers. My husband and I stopped in to get a carry-out. The owner said "We're very busy. You'll have to wait at least 1 1/2 hours. Come back next time." Okee... We were willing to wait but he did not want our business.