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Feb 17, 2007 07:35 AM

Cambridge Eats

I will be visiting MIT campus with other company members. We need some places to have dinner nearby, that arent catering to the college crowd. Suggestions, please.

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  1. in Kendall Square:
    The Blue Room
    Also in Kendall is Legal Seafoods. Someone will probably recommend it to you. It sucks. I mean, it really is horrid. If you go, stick with oysters, chowder or the most simple piece of grilled fish. Don't bother with anything else.

    In Central Square:
    Central Kitchen

    If you need a lot of space, you can always go to Sidney's at the Hotel @ MIT. Standard, bland hotel food, but the service is good and the atmosphere is highly conducive to working meals.

    Casual, but solid meals (better for lunches):
    Middlesex lounge on Mass Ave heading towards Central Square - good pressed sandwiches, soups, salads
    Miracle of Science just a bit further up for really good, slightly upscale bar food

    1. Quick list of some of my faves in that neighborhood:
      Rendezvous - wonderful food. try to do the Sunday night prix fixe

      Salts - small, friendsly, excellent French inspired meals.

      East Coast Grill - always has an interesting menu. Fish is terrific and so is the BBQ. A place that can really please everyone. Great cocktails and specials. Love the raw bar.

      Emma's Pizza - casual and comfy. Great selection of thin crust pizzas. Salads are pretty good too.

      Blue Room - I've never had a bad meal here. Brunch buffet is pretty interesting.

      1. And if you're expensing it, definitely go to Oleana on Hampshire Street.

        1. Many, many good options. I still haven't been to some of the ones listed above, but I have enjoyed Helmand (upscale Afghan), the Similans (Westernized but good Thai), Rendezvous (upscale American), Anise (Chowhound-polarizing upscale Szechuan food), Emma's (my favorite pizza in Cambridge/Somerville), and B-Side Lounge (if you want to go downscale with drinks and tasty, fun-to-eat items like baked gouda in a skillet).

          1. I want to second the recommendation for Blue Room - it is a favorite and certainly not a studenty place. Great food and atmosphere.

            Since you are posting on Chowhound I will assume are a little adventurous and might want to check out Anise, which is directly across from Blue Room in Kendall Square. As others have posted here the Sichuan cuisine there is excellent - a little different than your usual Chinese restaurant.

            Helmand is also a favorite in the vicinity, though it's a bit of a walk from Kendall. I am not a fan of Helmand myself but a lot of others are, so probably worth the trip.