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Restaurants in LA


I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for good Italian or French restaurants in LA? Thanks!

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  1. A little too broad. Narrow down on area, price, etc.

    1. South Bay, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Long Beach. No limit on Price.

      1. Marcello on 7th St in San Pedro is excellent.

        1. Hatfield's for California-French, Angelini Osteria and Mozza for Italian.

          1. I would add a few, in terms of French restaurants:

            LaCachette (innovative, with fresh ingredients)
            Hotel Bel Air (beautiful scene to boot)
            Bistro K (very creative, inexpensive)
            Mimosa (focuses on traditional French dishes)

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              I echo JiRaffe - plus you can make reservations online through OpenTable.

            2. Santa Monica - Giorgio Baldi, italian, the best.

              1. La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills. Other family members swear by Giorgio Baldi's for Florentine-style fare.

                1. Frenchy's Bistro is top rated French cuisine in Long Beach.
                  and I've heard good things about Cucina Picarelli Restaurant (Italian) in the same area of Long Beach.

                  1. Jonathan Gold recently published his 20 Best Italian in LA in the LA Weekly


                    You missed out on L'Orangerie, but for French, Ortolan is still open