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Cheap good lunch in/near Lenox, MA--Love Dog?

I realize others have written extensively about eating in and around Lenox but a lot of the posts I've read are either a few years old or are about more expensive places. I know Lenox isn't the best place for cheap food. I would like to stay very close to Lenox (Lee, Stockbridge, West Stockbridge) and am looking--ideally--for healthy, delicious, inexpensive food, preferably a place where we can eat for well under $10 each. What happened to Love Dog? I tried calling last night and the person who answered said "Jonathan's."

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Love Dog was sold about a year and half ago and became The Source Cafe, which lasted only a couple of months. It's now Jonathan's and they apparently don't do any cooking on premise--everything's brought in from the owner's other place, which I believe is in Great Barrington. Downtown Lenox doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of lunch places at this time of year. I like the food at Dish a lot, but I'm not sure if they're open for lunch now, or just do dinner. Dish has wonderful soups and interesting options for lunch. Napa is open for lunch year round and is certainly respectable, if not wildly exciting--they do salads and sandwiches, and also soups. Zinc serves lunch, but I'm not a fan of the place, and they're certainly more expensive than the other places in town.

    1. Another option is the Olde Heitage Tavern in downtown Lenox, they do a decent burger and prices are quite reasonable. Arizona Pizza towards pittsfield does great wood-fired pizzas, though I've been disappointed with other entrees. Bennigan's recently opened a branch next to where Love Dog was, I wasn't impressed with the food, service was great, but they're probably in your price range. Enjoy and report back!

      1. Hmmm...thanks. I'm definitely not going to Bennigan's! Does anyone know if Bombay Grill has a lunch menu (prices in the 8-10 range for entrees) as well as their lunch buffet?

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          I'm reasonably sure that Bombay only does their buffet at lunch. Their food's really tasty, and I'm not a big fan of buffets, but they do it very well. They bring Naan to the table straight from the oven--yum!

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            The Bombay Grill used to only do a buffet on Sundays (darn good one). The Indian restaurant north of Lenox in a motel 0n Rt.7 used to do a weekday buffet. The Indian Restaurant in downtown Pitsfield on North St. used to have a pretty good lunch buffet too.

        2. Lee's Diner in Lee. Or there's a Mexican place on the main drag (Diner is at end, perpendicular) that's not expensive, though I haven't eaten there in years.

          There's an Indian restaurant Bombay Bar & Grill at Best Western Black Swan Inn outside of Lee http://www.fineindiandining.com/bomba... But it seems pricy, though maybe less so for lunch?
          If you go down to Gt Barrington, there's Baba Louie's pizza (creative and tasty) and back in an alley off the main drag that leads to a night club there's a hole in the wall Mexican that's very good and very cheap.

          Or you could buy some sushi at Guido's market, though watch out for your wallet because there is so much wonderful food to buy!
          My choice would be Zinc for mussels. Memorable!

          1. Hey, what about Paradise of India in Lee? Is it decent? I just found their menu online and it's cheap for lunch!

            1. Paradise of India is now a fairly good Vietnamese/Thai restaurant (Pho Saigon) run by a Chinese family.
              The Mexican reastaurant is now a Greek place run by the Sohia's family.
              Two very disgusted thumbs down for Bennigans!

              I loved Dish for lunch too so I would call to see if they're doing it now.
              One of my favorite lunch spots (and great breakfasts) is Cafe Reva in Pittsfield on Tyler St. Aura Weiss (owner) was the chef at Seven Hills when it had great food way back when. Also good is Samel's Deli on Elm St. in Pittsfield. Michael Roller from Blantyre has owned it for over 2 years now.

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                Hey now, that's what I'm talking about. Now I just need to figure out if Pho Saigon is open for lunch tomorrow...does anyone know? Or does anyone have their phone number? I've been doing web searches and all I can find is an article from the Eagle with no phone number. Thanks for the tip!

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                  the sign on the door says open 7 days...but we went last tuesday and a sign next to it said "we closed tuesday" ...which was weird as there were servers in there folding napkins. We ended up at the Cork and Hearth instead (for dinner) which was quite good. Pho's phone number is 413-243-6288.

              2. We ended up just eating at Kripalu where my friends were staying. I have to say, it was worth it! there was a good tofu and vegetable curry today. Thanks anyway, everyone!

                1. Jonathan's food is ok, but not cheap and the staff is sometimes rude. For cheap(er) eats I would reccomend Carol's in Lenox, Baba Louie's in Great Barrington and Pho Saigon in Lee.

                  Carol's diner is located on Franklin, behind the only gas station in Lenox proper. Carol is very friendly and so is the other staff, her daughters, and the food is good. My personal fave is the "James Taylor Favorite"

                  Bombay Bar and Grill has a good, affordable lunch buffet and the regular menu is excellent. My favorites on their menu is Lamb Rogan Josh, samosas, nan and raita. And, if there is room, try their Mango Lassy (sp?) (Mango Smoothie).

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                    I've had several great experiences at Jonathan's for both lunch and dinner. Wraps, salads and pizzas fro lunch are pretty much under $10. Dinner with an appetizer and a glass of wine is maybe $35. But you can go much cheaper for dinner if you want to eat light. they have several salads, sandwiches and pizzas on their dinner menu, too. They have a deck with 6 or 8 tables which was a great place to eat the other night when the full moon was rising!

                  2. If you want cheap and tasty and are willing to go all the way to Great Barrington, I would definitely suggest Baba Louie's as others have. Also, I would try La Choza which is a delicious burrito place with a la carte ingredients and a wide wide variety of vegies.

                    1. try Pittsfield. It has the best lunch places in the area: On A Roll, Cafe Reva (also, a fantastic breakfast, but be prepared to wait for a seat on weekends), and Spice are all quite good.

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                        Just wanted to mention that I tried the new Malaysian restaurant on Rt. 7 in the Econolodge and found the Malaysian dishes to be quite lightly sauced and good tasting. The menu is quite large; including American food so I can't speak to all the dishes. Was impressed that the chef includes separate salad and veggies on the entrees. She is nutrition oriented.

                      2. I agree that eating in the Berkshires tends to be expensive. In addition to those already mentioned, some cheap and good places we go back to include Betty's in Lenox (pizza and good big salads), 20 Railroad Street, Great Barrington (burgers, chili etc), Barrington Brewery (try the ribs and interesting beers) and the Lion's Den at the Red Lion in Stockbridge (open late and you can also listen to sometimes good music).

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                          Also if you're in Guido's grocery in Great Barrington around lunchtime, there's a bagel place across the street that serves great sandwiches on delicious bagels --and you know how hard they are to come by. It has a terrible name --something like the GV Bagel Factory-- but the food is really, really good!