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Bebo's (in Crystal City)

Can someone give me the skinny on this new restaurant?

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  1. I ate there about a week after it first opened. Good food. It's Roberto Donna's new place, which he opened because (at least in part) his Galileo in DC has closed for renovations. Which were long overdue, IMO.

    Galileo is -- with Palena and Obelisk -- one of the best Italian places in the area, so I'm really looking forward to it reopening.

    Bebo is more relaxed and I suspect will get even more so once Galileo reopens.

    1. I went for lunch on a weekend a few weeks back. I had the pork rib in ragu, excellent and reasonably priced. The butter beans that came with it as a side, though, were on the hard side. Also, my wife's dish (can't recall what it was) came out lukewarm. Despite the glitches, we both thoroughly enjoyed the meal, great value, and vowed to return soon. Save room for dessert. They are only $5 each. The chocolate hazelnut tart or something or other is extraordinarily good. If what you are looking for is quality Italian at a reasonable price, this is the place.

      1. The food is acceptable, though we were there last week and 2 dishes had to be sent back. The service is abominable. I sent a letter to the e-mail address and am waiting for a response. That said, It's going to be a long time before I consider going back.

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          I ended up going there. And while they food was average (great wine and fabulous desert), I, too, got TERRIBLE service. They gave our table away (we had a reservation) and it took them a good hour to give us a table -- and they gave walk-ins tables before us!

        2. I ate at there about a month or so ago for dinner on a sunday. They had very good pastas. Aglio olio in particular. I had the tripe and had to send it back..it was way too salty and seemed poorly executed. The others i was dining with had the lamb steak (wich was quite good) and rabbit, also pretty good. Service was bad. For instance, server poored more wine into my glass to keep it full, however he poored the wronge wine and mixed the two. Talked to some friends who ate there last weekend. Said they loved the pasta and lamb steak, but they ordered apps and the server brought apps and entrees out at the same time. they were out of 4 bottles of wine on the wine list they tried to order, and had nothing good to say about service. Id go back mabey just for a glass of wine and the pasta, but not for dinner.

          1. I went with friends last week and had a terrific pasta e fagioli -- best I have had outside Italy or my kitchen :-) The cauliflower salad with arugula had a very strange tasting marinade which I asked a waiter to taste. He thought it was fine (it was not). The server for our table was poorly trained and seemed confused. I think I will give it a miss for a month or so and try again.

            1. I've been twice and the pasta was quite good -- penne arrabiata and one with a ragu. The wines were nicely priced and we were given good inexpensive recommendations. However, I would say sit at the bar. The first time we went, we sat at a table. In the first 13 minutes, no one came by. At minute 13 someone came by to say they would be there soon. At 18 minutes, we went back to sit at the bar (I was really hungry, so the timing became important -- not usually so critical!). We had good service at the bar; then again, we were sitting right there. The second time we didn't even try for a table.

              The service seems consistently lacking. It is especially strange, considering both times we were there, Roberto Donna ate his dinner at the bar while we were finishing up. I'm sure they must get complaints, or at least noticed that we got up and sat back at the bar.

              1. My wife and I went there for lunch this past weekend. It was one of the worst meals I've ever had -- aggressively bad. Our waiter ignored us for the first 15 minutes after we were seated. He only had two other couples to contend with, but we still had to flag him down to ask him to take our drink order. The pasta was lukewarm, my dish was bland and the meat in my wife's dish tasted as if it had gone bad. I will never eat there again.

                1. I've found Bebo excellent for the most rustic dishes: tongue, tripe, livers, sausages. The antipasti on their special Sunday menu are great. Take a pass on the everyday items you may be able to make at home.

                  Don't go here if you're in a hurry. The table is yours for the evening, and they'll make sure of it.

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                      It's where Oyamel used to be, if that's of any help. In the wilds of Crystal City.

                  1. I ate there last night and the food was excellent. Real authentic Italian food. I had read terrible things about the service, but last night the service was fine. I spoke to one of the top chefs about the service problems and she told me that they were getting it under control.

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                      It doesn't sound or feel like it's getting under control. Add that to the fact that no one even bothered to address our complaints sent both in letter form and via e-mail.