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I Need Gumbo!

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I cant sleep at 3am and just needing a fix, please someone tell me there is a place to make my dream come true! I'll drive just about anywhere right about now. Gimme the address and I'll pack up my carseats & 3 kids...(drop them off) and go!

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  1. There's the Gumbo Pot in the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax.

    My favorite gumbo, though, is at Ragin Cajun in Hermosa Beach on Pier.

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      I second the Gumbo Pot at Fairfax for a quick fix. Good, not the best you will ever have, but will certainly fulfill the craving. Also a decent spicy Jambalaya.

    2. 26 Beach does a chicken and andouille one and Uncle Darrows is around the corner.

      1. At downtown Disney they have a Ralph Brennen's. The food is OK, but the Gumbo YAYA
        is just like the other Brennen's. GOOD!

        1. avoid the farmer's market and uncle darrow's--- horrid gumbos// makes me doubt the recs

          1. i would not say horrible for uncle darrows, it is okay. what recs do you have?

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              i threw it away, actually. yes, better than farmer's market.

              as of yet haven't had a respectable gumbo here. same like nyc, which lacked them. but a decent one should exist...

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                Gumbo Shack on Market in Inglewood.
                La Louisanne on Overhill just east of Slauson.

                Both pretty good, much better than the very mediocre Gumbo Pot.

              2. i loved the gumbo at Les Sisters in Chatsworth...but the last several times i went it is not spicy anymore...still good but i miss the spicyness...i think not too many customers ordered it because it was too spicy so they toned it down...also it's an okra-less gumbo but filled with shrimp, sausage, fish, whole pieces of crab, chicken wings...kinda of a pain to eat with the bones and shells but its worth it...haven't found anything comprable yet but i haven't been to too many places that serve gumbo...i am tempted to try patti la belle's cookbook recipe though

                  1. Since Tues is Mardi Gras, you should be able to find gumbo, etc. at lots of places right about now.

                    1. try the creole chef in inglewood.
                      the bayou grill is also in inglewood.
                      harold and belle's is good but pricey.

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                        i may go tomorrow--- which one of these 3 has the best seafood gumbo?

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                          best bang for buck would be the creole chef.

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                            Second this. I've never had a bad dish at Creole Chef.

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                              THIRD!!! And you can run some errands afterwards at the Walmart... LOL! :)


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                            The one at bayou grill is very tasty. mmmm it's seeping into all my senses now.
                            I'll have to try creole chef.

                        2. My girlfriend just informed me that Rajun Cajun isn't HALF AS GOOD as New Orleans, down the street on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach. She's a pretty good judge, so I'd head down there asap.

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                            The two often vie for HB Cajun supremacy, but I still prefer the jambalaya and boudin noir from Ragin Cajun.

                          2. If you need Gumbo, look no further than Hermosa Beach, the suprising capitol city of LA county for cajun. The new orleans has the best cajun I have had, INCLUDING my moms. A super rich and spicy rue base that isnt too thick but isnt too thin. Very flavorful with delicous seafood and sausage. It is simply divine. The Ragin Cajun is also decent but no where near as good as New Orleans. I have had gumbo at the NO about 5 times and one time was only above average but the other 4 were the best Ive had. If you want jumbalya you can check out rangun cajun, new orleans, or cafe boogaloo (all within 5 minute walk of one other.) Also, there is no corkage so if you want to bring beer or wine, you are welcome to it.

                            Uncle Darrows in Marina del rey and the gumbo pot in LA are decent too.

                            1. My Creole friends say the Gumbo at Uncle Andre's in Studio City is crave worthy. They might only serve it on Fridays.

                              1. My Creole friends say the Gumbo at Uncle Andre's in Studio City is crave worthy. They might only serve it on Fridays though.

                                1. Little Jewel when available.