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Feb 17, 2007 12:12 AM

coffee house in huntington beach?

I just moved to HB. Any good coffee house in huntington beach with free wireless internet and power supply for a laptop? Thanks in advance!

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  1. You might try Java Jungle, on PCH a few blocks north of the pier (at 6th St. I think). Kinda funky but comfortable- has been there since the 70's (probably before) when the BF at that time surfed there. I'm not sure re WiFi, but wouldn't surprise me that they do. There is also another place south of the pier that is also a "Java" something - it's okay, but not the same vibe as Java Jungle. Been a few years since I've been in the area, so likely others have popped up.

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      Thanks Local! I appreciate and will check it out. Anyone else have suggestions?

    2. Java Jungle is a good recommendation. Bagelmania on Adams & Magnolia is another good bet. You should try to stop by the Diedrich's on Beach before they close it down and convert it to a Starbucks.

      1. Hi, I just moved back to HB myself.... Also looking for Coffee places with Wifi w/ power....

        Have you found any more places other than whats listed here???


        1. Don't know about power, but the HB Beer Company on Main St. has free wi-fi.