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Feb 16, 2007 11:01 PM

Long Beach Aquarium - Lunch?

My parents, husband and I are going to the LB Aquarium tomorrow. None of us has been to the Aquarium before. I thought it would be fun to have lunch down there -- maybe at the pier. Anything suggestions?

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  1. I'm not familiar with the area, sorry, but here's two earlier threads on the same topic. However, they're both from '04 and I've no idea of their current relevance.

    Also this one from '06:

    1. When my wife and I take our kids down there we always go to Little Phnom Penh to a place called Hak Heang. The food is fantastic, you can't beat the people watching and the live music alone is worth it.


      1. Go a little inland on Pine Ave to Enterprise Seafood Co. We like their fresh seafood & Oysters. Anthing onthe pier is kinda average. The mexican place makes a decent margarita though.

        1. The food at the Aquarium itself is about at the McDonald's level but more expensive. As suggested above, there are a number of places on Pine.

          1. Just be aware that the neighborhood where the Cambodian restaurants are is a little grim. Unless you're REALLY adventurous, I would stick with other recommendations. The Yardhouse isn't bad and has an outdoor dining area. If you have any beer drinkers in the group they'll like it. The ahi poke appetizer is pretty good. It's in Shoreline Village.