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Feb 16, 2007 10:01 PM

Anything Chowish in Milwaukee?

So, my husband and I will be making the annual family visit to Milwaukee. I would like to suggest a new place for dinner.

Where can we go? I am happy to suggest anything to the group.


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  1. What part of town, what kind of price range (since you mention bad diners)? And perhaps more importantly, what do you think they'll be willing to go for?

        1. Yes...THREE BROTHERS...order the Burek (sp?) and then skip over to At Random for dessert drinks.

          1. We are normally between downtown and Wauwatosa. As for price and cuisine - I think anything goes at this point. Until I try I don't know what reaction I'll get!

            Thanks for the above suggestions thus far! I'm really looking forward to branching out.

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              It's been awhile since I've eaten in Tosa or out west, most of the best suggestions I could offer would be Eastside or downtown, and you'll see that I thought Zarletti was very good for one of the posts nsxtasy has above.

              You might want to try Crawdaddy's. Link below. It gets good reviews from a range of people (of course if you're coming from New Orleans, you'd be shaking your head right now). Not a fancy room, but good food.

              I'll try to think of other west side, etc. Avoid Bluemound Rd. eateries, as most aren't that good.

              Just to add, if you want to head to the East Side. Here's two links.

              Elliot's is a fun room, and the food is really good. Given the 'audience' he tends to alter some of the classic French recipes, but Chef Pierre, and yes he is French, knows his business.

              Carini's is really good, very nice room, very good Italian seafood emphasis, though I had a rack of lamb there that was wonderful.

              In both places, the service is good. I mention this because I think service can be a problem in this town. Not enough full-time waitstaff because the city can't support pros at these jobs. So, sometimes you'll run afoul of bad college student service. But these places keep things going well.

              Carini's too, like Elliot's, is got the chef/owner on the premises. Last time we were there, the owner, a brand new grandpa was walking the room at the end of the night with his grandson.