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Feb 16, 2007 09:54 PM

E-ON Restaurant

Has anybody been here (Dundas and Elizabeth Streets, Toronto) recently ? If so what do you recommend on the menu?

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  1. A few colleagues went for lunch. They recommend never going at all. They thoroughly regretted it.

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    1. re: Fwagra

      I have the found the opposite to be true - ppl I know who go like it including myself. Great lunch deals - price and quality with no comparison. Try their hot & sour soup, spicy chicken, lobster sauce on rice, beef noodles, etc.

    2. Thanks for the reply. It was closed today when I was downtown so it wasn't an option anyway so we went to Hong Shing. Although the food was edible (barely) at Hong Shing (we had chili chicken and General Tso Chicken) it certainly wouldn't be worth a return trip...unless, of course, everything else is closed in the area!

      1. For the price point, I like E-On. Their chicken in black bean sauce is pretty good, and I like their hot and sour soup. Just bear in mind this ain't Lai Wah Heen.

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          i agree with Olivia...E-On is a kinda cool relic of sorts, totally unpretentious in the extreme - it won't win any glamour prize...its basically in a semi-basement and lots of steam and general hussle and bustle...the food is actually pretty good..and for the price is great. Was a regular lunch spot for me for a while when working nearby - Put it this way, if E-ON were on the Ossington strip it would be hip as all hell. Its like a flashback to the 50's in a grungy kinda way...i'd say 80% of the folks who eat there are chinese.., decor hasn't changed since god knows when, like olivia said it aint Lai Wah Heen...but i like it.

          Haven't been there for a while, I intend to revisit the haunt and review for chow. IMHO....if there were a thread that was "really cheap, semi-scuzzy basement gems with a 1950s aura" it would be real high on the list.

          Wah's Restaurant
          23 Simcoe Plaza, Terrace Bay, ON P0T2W0, CA

          1. re: Minister of Kebab

            I believe E-On has closed, and Pho Orchid Vietnamese restaurant has been at that location for the past few months.

            1. re: lavender07

              huh ? isn't that upstairs ? doh.....someone tell me this is wrong, i swear i saw the sign still up.

              1. re: Minister of Kebab

                You must have been seeing mirages because it has been closed for months and none of the old signs remain. The place has been completely renovated to the max. FYI, upstairs is the Lebanese restaurant and on top of that is a hostel.

                1. re: mingo.jones

                  Ok.....i give up...DOH...loved that place....i was sure i'd seen the sign still up...oh well...never rely on eye-witness reports ! Thanks