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Feb 16, 2007 09:44 PM

Restaurant for 12 year old's bday party

My boyfriend has put me in charge of finding a location for his 12 year old son's birthday dinner. There will be about 14 people---8 adults and 6 kids ranging from 8-13. The kids aren''t the most adventuresome eaters but most of the adults in the group are foodies. The birthday boy insists on going out on his actual bday which is on a Sat night so that cuts out alot of the smaller restaurants. Any ideas on what might fit everyones taste yet provide a fun atmosphere for the kids?

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  1. Where are you posting from? If in the Seattle area I would do an all day eat and walk from the Market to whatever restaurant strikes your fancy. Ethiopian in Capital Hill? Who doesn't like eating with there hands? It also covers any southern food afficiandos as well. It's very similar if you think about it. This could end at roughly 4:00 pm allowing all to continue the fest.

    1. Are you F***ing crazy. 8 foodies with 6 12ish boys. OK....I've got a grip on the whole idea now. wheeeew....being the unkle of 3 boys in the same age range I would go to Fox Sports Grill. I know it's not "cuisine", but it's solid. There is something there for the adults and the kids. More importantly, it's across the street from Gameworks, where every kid wants to go on his birthday. Good luck!

      1. How about Marrakesh. eating with your hands, interesting place and what 12 year old boy isnt gonna love a good belly dance!!

        1. the pope's room (reserve in advance!) at buca di beppo provides decent food (of its sort), a funky decor and raucous atmosphere - you're encouraged to be noisy - that should appeal to pre-teens. the garlic bread and vegetable offerings are actually quite good and the family-style service is fun.