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Feb 16, 2007 09:41 PM

Wood for BBQ Smoker in SD

I'm about to smoke a full risket and maybe some pork shoulder this weekend and realized that I don't have enough wood chunks. Does anyone know anywhere in San Diego (or north) that sells chunks (not chips) of wood for BBQ smoking? Any kind will do - Oak is my preference.

Thanks for any help!

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    1. Barbeques Galore carries a large selection of hard wood chunks.

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        BBQs Galore is where I got our cherry, pecan, apple and hickory chunks for my Cookshack. I'm pretty sure they'll have oak and mesquite and maybe others, too.

        Edit: Oh -- necropost!

      2. Frost Hardwoods in Miramar has a good selection of woods that are great for smoking. There's a bin in the warehouse floor with various scrap ends and so forth that aren't very expensive, in the end we found it cheaper than buying packaged chips or chunks, though you have to saw the boards into whatever size chunks you want. They have alder, maple, read oak, etc.

        1. red oak is a great local wood. Sweeter smoother smoke than hickory. I get mine in encinitas at a place just off leucadia blvd and the 5

          1. Also, here is a tip on smoking, not that you asked. obviously you know low and slow, but you only need about three to 4 hours over the smoke after that you are just piling up smoke. transfer to the oven with the briskit covered and continue to slow cook for another 10 hours. all the smoke that is gonig to get in to the meat will be there in the first couple hours. the tenderizing component takes time and the oven is alot easier than tending the pit for a day. The smoke will continue to draw into the meat and the smoke ring and smoke flavor will be the same as if you cooked it in the pit. but the meat will be more tender. Oh yes and NO PARBOILING. not that you asked