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Feb 16, 2007 09:11 PM

cracked cast enamel pot

I just moved and my large cast enamel Le Creuset casserole cracked in transit. I don't mean just the enamel, but the cast iron cracked through so it is no longer watertight. It is about half a palm in size and shape, and is cracked through, almost lose.

Anyone know if or how cracked enameled cast iron pans can be repaired?

It is a very large 8qt casserole with lid that I barely used before it broke. I bought it for $100 at the Le Creuset outlet, and it was a great buy. It would be a shame to throw it out.


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  1. Le Creuset has a lifetime warranty on their their enamled cast iron cookware... you could try calling them to see if they'll replace it...

    1. All cast iron enameled or not is subject to cracking and breaking, even your treasured, great grandmother's cast iron skillets. The problem is in the manufacturing. Casting allows for air pockets and and weak spots. Drop one and there is a good chance it may break. It is brittle though strong. Just like a diamond, very strong but brittle and if you strike it in the right spot it will cleave or in the wrong it will shatter. Anyway you might be able to collect from your mover or maybe LC will replace it for you.

      1. I agree with Candy.

        1. Le Creuset is very helpful with their return policy. They have replaced and repaired pots for me several times, no problems.

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            I have to agree with those that are suggesting in contacting Le Creuset for replacement.

            Problem with repairing is many-fold as a gross amount of enameling would have to be ground away to be welded. Once welded it will never be the same, and likely be rather expensive for a welding shop to do.