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Feb 16, 2007 08:02 PM

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Does anyone know where these can be purchased in the GTA? Thanks for your help.

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  1. ARZ Bakery on Lawrence E. has them, though I prefer to make my own. They keep forever.

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      AmandaEd, do you mind sharing your method for making preserved lemons? Thanks

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        I have seen them at Bonjour Brioche on Queen Street East (near Degrassi). But that was a few years ago.

      2. NASR on Lawrence E has preserved lemons in oil.

        1. They have some (maybe not specifically Moroccan) at Akram's in Kensington. I think I've also seen them in the basement store in the South St. Lawrence Market.

          1. The only place to get the real thing is at Dinah's cupboard in Yorkville. The ones from lebanon in the big jars in the Arab food stores are not so good. They taste of vinegar, which is just wrong for moroccan cooking. It is not hard to make, just takes patience. Lots of simple recipes on the web. Its just salt, lemon juice, and lemons. Don't bother spicing them, although soaking the lemons in water for a few days first is a good idea.

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              You can get them elsewhere. My most recent batch comes from Ararat on Avenue Rd. I was asked whether I wanted the lemons for Moroccan cooking or for Chinese. The brand I was given contains lemons, salt, oil, and various spices. It doesn't contain vinegar. (Nasr no longer had these in stock when I last ventured there.)

            2. Pimenton on Mt. Pleasant make their own in-house. Nice place for prepared foods as well.