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Feb 16, 2007 07:50 PM

Wagner's Ribs in Porter, NW Indiana

Just moved from NYC to NW Indiana, tonight we ried Wagner's Ribs. I have to say, pretty darn good. First off, really great wings, even my wife who doesn't like wings had to admit they were killer. Outstanding.

Ribs were tasty and fell off bone. Yes, someone mentioned they're beef ribs at this place. Not quite as fattylicious as sometimes possible with pork -- but very good. Mashed potatoes/gravy side was excellent, though barely room temp (I'll let them slide this time), cole slaw was nothing special, griddle corn cakes (good). Will definitely will go back and try other things.

Nice and diverse selection of bottled beer.

Someone mentioned that this place is pricy. Not really. A couple can easily share a full rack ($16) and a few apps and walk away feeling ridicu-stuffed.



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  1. Glad to learn of this place. Have you an address?

    Try Smokey's Southern BBQ between Chesterton and Michigan City, too.

    Welcome to the Midwest.

    1. Wagner's Ribs
      361 Wagner Rd.
      Porter, IN 46304-1752

      Note they don't allow kids, not even babies, which is a little unfortunate.

      I've been wondering about Smokey's too, since I've passed by it a few times and someone mentioned on this board. Good to know there's some good grub in the area!


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      1. re: Steveh

        You'll all be happy to know that the wagner's in Valparaiso is kid friendly, and even has a kids menu. My wife takes my "rib-lovin' son" there from time to time.

      2. I hope Smokeys has improved.Last time I was there the pulled pork was just texture for the BBQ sauce.

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        1. re: trudietootie

          The first time I went to smokey's I dined in, and the sauce was in squirt bottles on the tables. The second time I got carry out, and like you said, it was a bbq sauce sandwich. South street smokehouse here in lafayette does the same thing with their pulled pork. i don't get it. its a simple fix though, sauce on the side.

        2. thanks for the recommendation and will be excited to go there. Ask your neighbors about Phil Schmidts if you haven't been there. we're getting to the (smelt) season. Also, you may want to take a run out to Jack Gibbon's Gardens which is not too far from you via the tollway. While it's a steak place (and hasn't changed in 30 years) the fried chicken and hash brown potatoes are terriffic.

          1. I will second both Phil's & Jacks. Jacks is my very fave "ratpack" style restaurant and I drive there from St. Louis.